Realistic Torches

Realistic Torches

Make Torches and Jack-O-Lanterns burn out!

Latest version for DL to the right ( -> ) on the big download button.
Previous version was at:
Both need Java 7 JRE to run.

Currently ToDo:

  • add mySQL support
  • add some sort of permissions


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Plugin's Information:

  • You can set Torches to burn out after some time (the time is configurable) or when it's raining (configurable)
    • When burned out, it will be turned into a RedstoneTorch or it will be removed (configurable)
    • When burned out, it will drop a Stick (configurable)
  • You can set Jack-O-Lanterns to burn out after some time (the time is configurable) or when it's raining (configurable)
    • When burned out, it will get turned into a Pumpkin
    • When burned out, it will drop a Stick (configurable)
  • You can turn Pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns by punching them with a Torch (configurable)
    • This will cost you 1 Torch (configurable)
  • You can turn RedstoneTorches into Torches by punching them with a Flint and Steel (configurable)
    • This will cost your Flint and Steel 2 durability (configurable)


(will be automaticly generated if there isn't any)

#    turnIntoDisabledRedstoneTorch: true	Turn the torch into a disabled-redstone-torch instead of removing it?
#    dropStick: false				Drop a stick when the torch is removed? (or when the disabled-redstone-torch has been destroyed)
#    burnoutDelay: 86400			Time before the torch will be removed (in seconds, 86400 = 1 day)
#    weatherExtinguishesItem: true		Does rain destroys torches?
#    dropStick: true				Drop a stick when the Jack-O-Lantern will be transformed into a pumpkin?
#    burnoutDelay: 604800			Time before the Jack-O-Lantern will be turned into a pumpkin (in seconds, 604800 = 1 week)
#    weatherExtinguishesItem: false		Does rain turns Jack-O-Lanterns into pumpkins?
#    lightWhenPunchedWithTorch: true 		Turn a pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern when the pumpkin is punched with a torch?
#    howmanyTorchesDoesLightingCosts: 1		Howmany torches will the player lose when he lights a pumpkin?
#    lightWhenPunchedWithFlintAndSteel: true 	Turn a disabled-redstone-torch into a torch when the disabled-redstone-torch is punched with a flint-and-steel?
#    howmuchDurabilityWillLightingCost: 2	Howmuch durability will the flint-and-steel lose when the player uses it to light a disabled-redstone-torch? (a flint-and-steel has 65 durability)

Known Bugs:

  • none known at the moment


If you want an extra function (or something made configurable), just ask me and I'll add it that option to the config!


  • NeatMoster made RealisticTorches v1.4.1 (last updated: 22 Oct 2011) and gave me the sources, which caused me to start creating Bukkit plugins. Without him, I would have never created a Bukkit plugin.

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