RealBanks - All around the world, we take care of your goods !
Version: 1.5.4 (SQL Edition)

With this plugin, you can add the whole item bank system.
You can create banks in each world, and link chest as repository for each bank.
Players can subscribe accounts in this bank to use chests and get their goods all around the world.
RealBanks can save either in FlatFile or on SQL Server.

This plugin does not support double chests for the moment, be patient or explain how you want it in the comments

Do you have an issue to report ? Just create a Ticket


  • Create/Delete Bank (Permissions)
  • Connect/Disconnect Chests to a bank (Permissions)
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe an account to a bank (Permissions)
  • Support Bank's Manager that can do everything in their bank
  • Vault Support for Permissions (and in the future for Eco)
  • MultiWorld support.
  • Accounts Number Limit/Enter Permission/Log Transation/Eco Cost in file Settings for each Bank (and configurable in game also).
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Lot of Eco Support (& more in the future)
  • Lot of usefull commands too
  • Log transactions in file to look after some thiefs, cheaters, etc...
  • A complete API is available for devs (API Page).
  • MultiWorld possible link
  • SQL Support for Save/Logs

An Explaining Video

A Video by Me (Rominos2)

Commands & Permissions

Commands & Permissions Page

Different Languages files

English v1.4 (Rominos2)French v1.4 (Rominos2)German v1.4 (Kornichen)
Portuguese v1.4 (Traki08)Dutch v1.4 (mozoa)

Want to add your own translations ? (Send me a PM)


  • ADD SQL Support for saves and logs
  • ADD Double Chest Support

Known Issues

  • No one sir !

Have fun !

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