RealEnchantment is an another enchantment plugin to choose exact enchantments for your items, but it offers you especially an alternative enchantment system. You can also add enchantments to enchanted items, so it is possible to improve your items afterwards.

Why using RealEnchantment?

Because RealEnchantment is different, firstly you don't have to enchant your items and hope that you get good enchantments. This is the luck factor that I don't like. But RealEnchantment has also a luck factor: the enchantment costs. If you want to enchant an item with, for example fortune level 3, the cost of this enchantment is not fixed. In our example there is a range from 23 level to 30 level, but the chance to pay 30 level is higher than to pay 23 level. So the luck factor from the Minecraft basics don't get loss!
You use commands to enchant, but an enchantment table must be nearby. The player must stands at least 4 blocks away from the enchantment table, otherwise it isn't possible to enchant.

What is "prepay"?

Prepay is a feature of RealEnchantment that prevends a player to try as long as he or she gets the enchantment for the cheapest price. After every try to enchant the plugin will remove some level and experience. This is adjustable in the config file. The permissions RealEnchantment.noprepay disable the prepay for the player, also if prepay is enabled.


  • Alternative fair enchantment system
  • Prepay (see above for an explanation)
  • Remove enchantments with a fair give level back system
  • Enchantment table must be nearby
  • Easy use
  • User friendly
  • Quick infos about enchantments
  • Permissions

Commands & Permissions

/reShows all RealEnchantment commandsRealEnchantment.basic
/re <enchantment> <level>Enchant an itemRealEnchantment.enchant.*
/re remove <enchantment>Removes an enchantmentRealEnchantment.remove
/re list [page]Shows all enchantmentsRealEnchantment.list
/re info <enchantment>Gives information about an
/re prepayShows if prepay is activ and the priceRealEnchantment.prepayinfo
/re plugininfoGives information about the pluginRealEnchantment.plugininfo
- / -Disable prepay for this playerRealEnchantment.noprepay

How to enchant an item

  1. Go to an enchantment table
  2. Use "/re list" to list all enchantment
  3. Enchant your item with "/re <enchantment> <level>", if you have enough level the plugin randomize the price and remove the required level
  4. Finished! If you want, you can add an other enchantment


I have made this plugin, because EasyEnchant don't work no longer for me. If you know EasyEchant, you can see that there are a few ideas from it. This is my first Plugin, so please give me some feedback :).


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