A TARDIS-Xern Bukkit plugin rewrite for Minecraft 1.13.2+

What it is

This plugin brings the TARDIS from Doctor Who to your server. This allows your players to create one of those memorable blue boxes all of their own and of course it's bigger on the inside. This allows you to create and customize your own TARDIS which you can pilot among the different worlds on your server as well as customizing the interior of your TARDIS with various different rooms and recreations of the various control rooms the Doctor has used. This rewrite of the plugin even allows server owners to create their own rooms to use in conjunction with the existing rooms or replace them all together.


This page will give a brief overview of the plugin, it should include everything you need to use it at its basic level. For more detailed information visit the wiki. The pages there will be written out more in depth. If you fell like something important is missing from this page, let me know.


Simply download the plugin jar file and add it into your plugins folder. The next time you start up your folder you'll be able to use the TARDISes.

User Quick Start Guide

1. First step is to craft a spawn egg as follows

Crafting Recipe


2. Using the spawn egg will open up a customization menu. You can use this menu to change the outer appearance of your TARDIS. Once you're done with that you can switch it in the bottom right corner to the 'Create TARDIS' (green) option.


3. Right click with the spawn egg on the group and after a few seconds your TARDIS will spawn. After this you can get in and you're ready to start exploring the universe

Commands List

For a full description check out the Basic Commands or Specialty Commands pages in the wiki

  • /Tardis Help <page> - Displays the help page for this plugin
  • /Tardis Find - Tells you where your TARDIS currently is
  • /Tardis Allow [Player | List] <Enter | Fly | None> - Determines who is allowed to access your TARDIS
  • /Tardis Home <Set> - Sends your TARDIS to its home location or sets your TARDIS's home location to its current position
  • /Tardis Admin [Player] [Call | Home] <Set> - Performs a command for the specified player's TARDIS
  • /Tardis ReloadSchematics - Reloads the schematics from the schematics folder
  • /Tardis NoFly [Add | Remove | Check] - Sets if TARDISes can land in your current chunk
  • /Tardis Tp [Player] - Teleports your TARDIS near the selected player
  • /Tardis Upgrade - Accesses the upgrade menu for your TARDIS
  • /Tardis Back - Returns you to the entrance of the TARDIS you are currently in
  • /Tardis Cancel - Cancels you out of any multi-step actions you are current in
  • /Tardis Rebuild - Rebuilds your TARDISes exterior shell
  • /Tardis Schematic <Save | Validate | Set | Cancel> <Name | Data> - Allows creating new schematics for TARDISes to use


  • tardis.create - Allows creating a TARDIS (default: everyone)
  • tardis.admin - Allows access to the admin command as well as the ability to pilot any player's TARDIS (default: op)
  • tardis.noFly - Allows access to the NoFly command (default: op)
  • tardis.schematics - Allows access to the Schematic and ReloadSchematics commands


You can find a full description of the configs on the Configuration page in the wiki


Found of Bug or have a Suggestion

If you think you've found a bug or if you have a suggestion to improve the plugin fell free to submit it to the issue tracker and I'll do my best to get to it. There is currently no standard for how the submission should be formatted but if I feel like this is getting abused, I will create one.


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