This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

RCSkills by www.raid-craft.de

RCSkills is a full blown combat system replacement with classes and custom skills. It was developed for my private server www.raid-craft.de as a better replacement for the Heroes plugin since it lacked the needed features. Since that the plugin has been actively used and developed on my private server and is now ready for a public release.

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Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

Development Builds

Feature Overview

The features of RCSkills will be splitted into three different categories for a better overview. It is planned that all features can be turned off if needed, but this currently still in development. Most of them however are implemented using the skill API and therefor it is possible to freely disable them.

Mechanical Changes

This category includes features that directly impact the normal bukkit and vanilla minecraft mechanics like combat, the foodsystem, health and such.

  • Custom health values based on attributes and skills. Modifies the maxHealth and health values of the Minecraft Entities for compatibility with other plugins.
  • Environment damage can be adjusted to deal percentage values or flat values. Have a player take 10% of his life as fall damage or lava deal 1000 damage per tick.
  • Food regeneration can be disabled and used as a GUI element. Have your class resources like mana display as food or in the EXP bar.
  • The default minecraft experience is disabled and the bar used by the GUI. You gain EXP by casting skills, killings mobs and anything else that is configured. EXP is displayed in the tab list.
  • Define attributes that players can level up and modify damage and other values. The attribute system orients itself on the World of Warcraft attribute system and includes all attributes that are in WoW.
  • Easy and quick character overview in the "Tab-List" scoreboard.

Character Overview

Combat Changes

RCSkills greatly changes how combat works. You can queue skills to be triggered on the next physical hit or when an arrow lands. Every entity also has a list of applied effects that can modifiy combat.

  • Track players in combat and disable/enable skills based on that. Players can have different health and resource regenerations while in combat.
  • Projectiles can have skills that are cast on impact. Fire an arrow and it will create a square block of webs on impact.
  • Different damage types that can be modified by skills. Physical damage for example will be reduced by the armor value of a player.
  • Custom Items (RCItems) will modify attributes, armor value and damage. This is a separate plugin that can create custom items by importing from the WoW database.

Custom Items

Skills & Classes

You can freely configure skills and classes to your liking. It is possible to create as many nested classes and skill requirements as you want, but it may need a bit getting used to the configuration process. Skills are nested and override skills that are above them. Dont worry if this sounds confusing it is explained in detail a little bit later.

  • Possible to create multiple "alias skills" from one existing core skill. You can have a "heavy strike", "heroic strike", "bleeding strike" and so on all based off one skill but in seperate config files with different damage values and effects.
  • Classes can have requirements, parents and children making it possible to have subclasses You want your player to be able to choose cleric or bloodmage after reaching level 30 on priest? No problem, just use the nested class system!
  • Classes can required a certain skill level before you can choose them. You may want your players to master axes on a warrior first before he can choose the berserker class.
  • Skills are divided into active (casted), triggered (events) and passive (always active) skills. Have a skill trigger when a player takes damage and reduce the damage if it was fire damage.
  • Virtual skills are hidden for the player and can be used to give permissions or special ranks. No need to have a separate permission system, handle it all by just using skills!
  • Dynamic loading of new skills via drag and drop of .jar files. No need to restart your server if you want to test out new skills from other developers!

Currently there is still missing documentation and localization, but you can download the plugin and try it out for yourself. Please follow the Installation Guide and if it does not work, try to install some of the optional plugins.


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