Rate of XRay

Not Maintained. Broken for MC 1.9+

Not Maintained. Broken for MC 1.9+

This mod shows the ratio of ore and stone per user.
Note: XRay probability is no real probability, its just a number betweeen 0 and 3200. 3200 is only mining diamonds.


  • Multi-World support
  • Fast, no per-block logging required
  • Search for usernames / high ore ratios
  • Automatic messaging about potential xrayers
  • No Database required


warnDelaySeconds time between warnings in seconds 3600
minWarnLevel minimum probability for warnings 75
noWarnBeforeBlocks minimum amount of blocks destroyed before warning 1000
logCreative update statistics while using creative false
disableWorlds disable logging for certain worlds empty
trackPlacements [todo] save ore placements (obtained via silktouch) true
autosaveSeconds save data every n seconds 600
sendMCStats use MCStats for this plugin true
includeBannedForSearch whether /rx search and /rx top includes banned players true
includeLowBlockAmountForSearch whether /rx search and /rx top include players with a low number of blocks broken (uses noWarnBeforeBlocks) true
includeInactiveForSearch whether /rx search and /rx top include inactive players true
includeOfflineForSearch whether /rx search and /rx top include offline players true
inactiveAfterDays Days required to be considered inactive for includeInactiveForSearch 30
autoUpdate enables Autoupdate true
notifyAboutSavesInConsole writes "Saving data..." everytime the playerdata is saved to the console true


/rx help Shows all available commands (Checks permissions)
/rx check [user] Prints information about an user.
Shortcut: /rx [user]
/rx clearplayer [user] Clears data of a player
/rx clearall Clears all data
/rx save Save all data to disk
/rx avg Shows average xray-probability for all users
/rx stats shows statistics for all tracked blocks, not just for one player.
basically /rx check for all players at once
/rx search [%] Searches for users which have at least [%] xray-probability
/rx top [amount=10] List top amount players with highest XRay-Probabilities
/rx reloadconfig Reloads the config file


rateofxray.nolog nothing is logged for this player
rateofxray.notifications if set player will receive messages about high x-ray probabilities
rateofxray.selfnotifications if set player will receive messages if he has a high x-ray probability
rateofxray.admin Enables all admin permissions (All commands + rateofxray.notifications)
rateofxray.command.* Allows use of Command * (i.e. /rx check is allowed by rateofxray.command.check)


This plugin is using MCStats.org.
Reason: I need more data about broken blocks to be able to code better alogrithms.
Sent to the server:
  • Did you reach 2,147,483,647 blocks broken (Just a technical limit)
  • Percentage of broken blocks (basically /rx stats)
  • Average warning level (basically /rx avg)
  • Total amount of tracked players (offline too)
  • Time to create these statistics


  • Log placed blocks for exclusion
  • Log other blocks?
  • Tracking Block broken between surface and first diamond. (Might get confused by caving.)
  • Track only found veins instead of single ores?


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