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Config Explanation

debug: false # Show Debug messages?
useFancyConsole: true # Fancy coloured messages for our console logging? (Cool! :P)
addRank: true # [True] to add the rank (don't remove previous rank). [False] to set the rank (remove the previous rank)
tellPlayer: true #Tell the player when they get ranked up?
showCountdown: true #Tell the player their progress after each kill?
    # Only add the following if they apply, shown here are the default values.
    sharedCount: false # Combine pvp/mob kills? (Requires totCount)
    playerCount: 0 # How many PvP kills are needed
    mobCount: 0 # How many mob kills are needed
    requireBoth: false # Does the player need to meet both the pvpCount and mobCount requirements?
    totCount: 0 # Total kills required (only use for sharedCount)

(Repeat this down, if possible. keep them in ascending order, lowest killcount first.)


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