RankSuite is a fairly simple and easy-to-use ranking plugin for Bukkit. It tracks the time played for each user on your server and assigns them to the specified group - based on a configurable command list - when they meet the criteria (minutes of time played).

by krinsdeath

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  1. Jenkins 1.1. Use of the plugin builds from Jenkins is unofficial, unsupported and unapproved by BukkitDev Staff!
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  • /rank - Shows a detailed command list in-game, which contains a dynamically generated list of sub-commands that you are allowed (based on permissions) to use.
  • /rank check [player] - Checks your (or the specified player's) rank. If you are qualified for a promotion, this command will also run that promotion. (ranksuite.check, ranksuite.check.other)
  • /rank add [player] [time] - Adds the specified number of minutes to the specified player's play-time amount. This command will not automatically promote a player. (ranksuite.add)
  • /rank remove [player] [time] - Removes the specified number of minutes from the specified player. This command will automatically demote a user if their new time is lower than their current rank's requirement. (ranksuite.remove)
  • /rank reset [player] - Resets the specified player to 0 time played and moves them to the default rank. (ranksuite.reset)
  • /rank leaders [page] - Shows the leaderboard listing (based on time played) for the server. The leaders are statically generated every 30 minutes to reduce CPU usage on the server. (ranksuite.leaders)
  • /rank reload - Reloads RankSuite's configuration file. Any new ranks will be added to the listing in-game. (ranksuite.reload)
  • /rank validate - Validates all known users by removing all previous groups from them and adding only their currently qualified group. This command can take an extremely long time to run if your server has a lot of players, so ideally you should only use it once. (ranksuite.validate)


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