Configuration Guide

Configuration Guide

Example Configuration

The following is an example of a Rankup configuration. We shall use it to review how each setting works.

# Remember, YAML does not understand the 'tab' key. You must use spaces instead. 
# Note that this plugin REQUIRES you have Vault. Download it here:

# If this is true, it will override any groups when someone ranks up. Only worry about this if a given person may have multiple ranks. 
    override-groups: false
    do-not-edit-this: 1
# Groups are ordered in the succession you want them to be. Format as follows: rankname: price ( Price can have a decimal place ) 
    guest: 0
    member: 15000
    trusted: -1
    VIP: 100000


The ranks are ordered from top to bottom, starting to ending, with guest as the starting rank, and VIP as the ending rank. Anyone who is a guest can start ranking up.

Each rank has a price. Member's price is $15,000, and VIP's price is $100,000, in this example. However, trusted's price is -1. Any rank with a negative number for it's price can not be ranked up to. In this scenario, I will manually set people to trusted ( perhaps they will have to make an application first, so they can get the rank. )



This setting, if set to true, will remove any groups the player has and give them their new rank when they rank up. It will, in essence, override all groups. If set to false, it will simply remove the group the player is ranking up from, and add their new group.


This setting keeps track of the configuration version. Do not edit this.

Example Language.yml

This is the default language.yml.

rankup-success-broadcast: '&b%PLAYER%&3 has ranked up to &b%RANK%.'

rankup-failed-money: '&cYou need &b%COST%&c to rank up to &b%RANK%'
rankup-failed-next-group-not-allowed: '&cYou are not allowed to rank up.'

rankup-no-permission: '&cYou do not have permission for that.'

do-not-edit-this: 2

Each of these settings controls what is said when Rankup performs certain actions.


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