Multiple groups, difficulty ranking up. #21

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  • _ForgeUser9645708 created this issue May 10, 2014

    You have the ranks: D -> C -> B -> A.

    D <name>: Hi.

    If they donate, it will be:

    [VIP] D <name>: Hi

    It doesn't change their D,C,B,A rank but is added to them not set.

    Players who have donated CANNOT rank-up.
    How to work around this?

        default: 0
        C: 5000
        B: 35000
        A: 100000
        Free: 150000
        Warrior: -1
        Sorcerer: -1
        Warlord: -1
        Rogue: -1

  • _ForgeUser9645708 added the tags New Defect May 10, 2014

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