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Rank Pay

Plugin Description

Ever want to give your players a set amount of money every so often for just being online? Well that's what Rank Pay allows you to do! Rank Pay gives you the custom-ability to pay your players every minute, hour, day, or any other amount amount of time, it's up to you to decide! Also as an extra added bonus it lets you configure how much each rank gets!

In the current state of this plugin everything is handled via the config however with more time and suggestions I plan to morph it to allow more customization and functionality.

Running on CB 1.7.2-R0.2

  • While I have made every effort to find all possible bugs, please submit any you find in the comments below.

Plugin Status

  • Release: Beta 1.1
  • Dependencies: Vault(Along with any economy and permissions that Vault supports)

Current State

  • Pays on a schedule to all players online for a configurable amount(Just leave out whatever ranks you don't want to pay)
  • Custom messages for each rank(requires the same amount of ranks/salaries/messages in config)

Future Plans

  • Sign to fast forward payouts?
  • More dynamic forgiving config file?
  • Comment suggestions/bugs

Project Updates

  • File submitted to Bukkit for approval 1/21/2014 11PM EST

Installation Guide

  • drop the RankPay.jar file into your plugin folder
  • reload or restart your server this will auto-generate the config file
  • add your ranks to the rank list
  • add the corresponding pay out values to the pay list in the SAME order as the ranks
  • add the payout message(this is optional) in the same orders as the ranks
  • This config currently hinges on having the same amount of salaries as ranks
  • The messages will only scroll if they match up with the number of salaries and ranks
  • change the time interval to the desired amount of seconds between pay outs
  • reload or restart your server again to commit the changes after saving the config file
  • after the allotted time amount has passed the plugin should pay all players the correct amount

Example/Default Config For Reference

#Default configuration file for Rank Pay
#Do --->NOT<--- use tabs
#Author: Alex McCracken 2013
#1: follow the default layout to add your ranks
#2: add the corresponding pay out values in the same order you listed 
#    ranks
#3: set your time delay in seconds
#4: add corresponding messages if you desire to your ranks/salaries
- default
- Admins

- 10
- 20
- 30

- 20

- 'Howdy, Default! We paid you: 10'
- 'Howdy, VIP! We paid you: 20'
- 'Howdy, Admin! We paid you: 30'


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