Is your spawn point overrun with buildings? Ever wish that there was a way to spread out the new player base? Now there is! With MultiSpawn you can define several spawn points throughout your worlds and have new players be teleported to them at random whenever they re-spawn or the first time they log into the server. Once they set a home though (in CommandBook or Essentials) or sleep in a bed they will spawn at the place defined in the other plugin or by the server.

This plugin was sponsored and paid for by the WildCraft server for use on their public server, but, after a month of waiting, is now open for you the public to use as well!


  • Set multiple spawn points, even if they are in different worlds!
  • Spread out your player base!
  • Does not interfere with player spawning once they sleep in a bed or set a home through CommandBook or Essentials.
  • Does not interfere with the simplejail spawning mechanism.
  • Warp to any spawn point
  • Exempt some players from getting teleported to a random spawn by setting a main spawn. (Using permissions)
  • Saves exact position including pitch and yaw for absolute precise spawns


  • /mshelp - Shows help for all the other commands
  • /spawn or /mspawn (Disable the spawn command in Essentials to use the /spawn command in this plugin) - Teleport to a random spawn point
  • /msadd [spawn name] - Add a spawn point
  • /msdel [spawn name] - Delete a spawn point
  • /msmain [spawn name] - Set the main spawn point
  • /mswarp [spawn name - Warp to a specific spawn point
  • /mslist - List all the spawn points

Permissions (defaults to op only unless specified)

  • multispawn.add - Ability to add a spawn point
  • multispawn.delete - Ability to delete spawn points
  • multispawn.setmain - The ability to set what spawn is the main spawn point (used for people that are exempt from random spawn.)
  • multispawn.warp - Ability to warp to specific spawns
  • multispawn.list - The ability to list the spawn points
  • multispawn.spawn - Ability to use /spawn or /rspawn (defaults to everyone)
  • - The player can pull up the help menu
  • multispawn.norandom - Always spawn this player at the main spawn if set.


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