This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


RandomJoinMessage | SimpleJoinMessage

Are you bored of seeing every time the same join, leave and kick messages? Do you want to... randomize? Or only want to set a single colored message? Or maybe only searching for complete group support? But maybe you want simply hide all messages.

So, take a look at RandomJoinMessage :D

Completly rewritten from SimpleJm, now to RandomJoinMessage with now COMPLETE group support! You can set the hole configuration for only one player or for only one group. For advanced users now RandomJoinMessages let's you inherit the settings from other players or groups if you want several groups with the same messages and only want to change 1 place for all.

And finally the best feature: You can randomize all your messages!

If you don't need group support you can use SimpleJoinMessages too.


The basic feature of this plugin is to change the join, leave and kick messages. But it has lot's of more features. You can simply prevent all messages, only show the messages for mods and admins, use colors, and randomize.

There is a lite version of this plugin too, with no group support and no special messages for special players. Click here for a comparison table between SimpleJoinMessage and RandomJoinMessage.

  • Custom join message
  • Custom leave message
  • Custom kick message
  • Prevent all of those messages
  • Use players display name in the messages
  • Random messages
  • Prefix messages (for example to randomize colors only; use the color as a prefix)
  • Specific messages for specific players
  • Complete group support! (requires Vault)
  • Color Codes
  • Permission support
  • Reload your configuration ingame -> No server restart needed
  • Import your configuration from SimpleJm, CustomJoinMessage or JoinMessage
  • Having some idea(s)? Write a comment!


  1. Download RandomJoinMessage and put the Jar-File into your Plugins Folder
  2. Restart / Reload your server
  3. The config has been generated in plugins/RandomJoinMessage
  4. Create your configuration
  5. Reload configuration with /rjm-reload
  6. Enjoy!

Commands and Permissions

/rjmrandomjoinmessage.infoInfo about RandomJoinMessage
/rjm-reloadrandomjoinmessage.reloadReload the configuration
/rjm-import <plugin>randomjoinmessage.importImport the configuration


Go to page Configuration.




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