As of build 1.9-BETA the way you configure worlds has changed.

The randomspawnenabled , randomspawnonfirstjoin , usebeds are removed. Instead of them we have a 'randomspawnon:' node with the following flags: "respawn" , "bedspawn" and "firstjoin".

With the 2.0 version there is a randomspawn flag for changing worlds called "teleport-from-[worldname]" where [worldname] is the name of your world.

So if you add the flag "teleport-from-world_nether" in the configuration of your world it will random spawn you if you come back from the nether.

See this example.

The other nodes are unchanged.


You can configure Random Spawn per world. To add a world include the worldname in this file.

  • keeprandomspawns: (default = false, optional: yes)
    • When true the random spawn location of each player is stored. When dieing they will respawn at there saved location. If they have a bed they will respawn at there bed, unless usebeds: false
  • spawnarea: (default = (-100,100,-100,100), optional: no (it will use default when not set))
    • defines the area to where players can be random spawned. (Formerly this was set in the config.yml. Now it is multiworld configurable.)
  • firstspawn: (default = world spawn), optional: yes)
    • when the /setfirstspawn command is used this will show the firstspawn location. You can edit the coordinates if you want.


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