Random Spawn

Random Spawn is a simple plugin that spawns players at a random location in the world on their first login (configurable) and when they die. Sleeping in a bed disables the random spawn function and players will respawn at their bed when they die.

This is the first plugin I made. The idea for this plugin came from NuclearW's SpawnArea. I've used that for a while on my own server but thought it could use some extra features, so I tried to make one myself.

Thanks to NuclearW and Bretflann for being awesome and letting me use some of their code!
Thanks to WayGroovy and Francis Fenderson for donating!


  • Random Spawn will not spawn players in:
    • lava
    • cacti
    • water
    • fire
  • You can set a border where the players will random spawn inside
  • After a player has lain or slept in a bed he won't be random spawned anymore and he will re-spawn at their bed if he dies
    • This can be disabled when setting usebeds: false in the world.yml
  • You can configure if players will be random spawned on there first join. (if false they will spawn at the map's default spawnpoint)
    • you can set the first spawn location with the /setspawn command
  • You can exclude players from being random spawned using the RandomSpawn.exclude permission node
  • Random Spawn spawns players in a set area. You can define this area per world in the worlds.yml.
  • Multiworld compatable
  • Random Spawn signs. Type: [RandomSpawn] on the first line of a sign. To specify a world, type the world name on the second line. Configurable in config.yml.
  • Custom messages after respawning.
  • Spawning on command. since 2.4
When updating to version 1.6, please remove all the yml's and reconfigure them!

How to configure worlds.yml


See this page!


The permission nodes are optional.

  • RandomSpawn.info Defaulted true
  • RandomSpawn.help
  • RandomSpawn.reload
  • RandomSpawn.configure
  • RandomSpawn.exclude
  • RandomSpawn.setfirstspawn
  • RandomSpawn.tpfirstspawn
  • RandomSpawn.placesign
  • RandomSpawn.usesign Defaulted true
  • RandomSpawn.spawn

To-do list:

  • Increase performance Increased performance a lot in version 1.6.1
  • Circular spawn area's
  • Any idea's?

Conflicting Plugins:

  • SpawnX

Source available on Github!

If you like what I'm doing. Consider donating :) Please use the donate button in the top right.


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