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Random Items

Random Items!


Who doesn't love a random item every now and then? This plugin was designed to allow players to get a random item every X minutes. The idea is to give players another reason to log on everyday. The imagination is strong and the very chance of getting a great item will encourage players to get on often to try their luck. Once on they can enjoy their new item and hopefully get caught up in server events and not want to leave. This plugin isn't the reason to play, just the reason to get back on.


  • Set the time between uses of the /randomitem command.
  • Allow players to get items through signs and chests as well!
  • Configure the items that can be given to players.
  • A nearly complete list of items already included, just un-comment the items you want!
  • Decide which worlds players can receive items in.
  • Admin bypass of the wait time.


You can change...

  • The time between uses of the command.
  • The items that can be randomly given to players.
  • Which ways players can receive items.
  • Which worlds players can receive items in. (Default is "world" so change if you have a different world name)

Adding an item multiple times will increase the chance of it getting picked.
Large list of items included. Just un-comment the items you want and go!

Configuration Page

Permissions and Commands


  • /randomitems ==> Gives a random item.
  • /randomitems reset {name} ==> Resets {name}'s timer for receiving random items.
  • /randomitems {name} ===> Gives {name} a random item. Bypasses wait timer.


  • /randomitem
  • /random
  • /ri


  • randomitems.bypass: ==> Bypass wait time.
    default: op
  • randomitems.make.sign: ==> Can create Random Items signs. (Give players a random item on right click)
    default: op
  • randomitems.resettime: ==> Allows the resetting of a player's wait time between receiving random items.
    default: op
  • randomitems.use.command: ==> Can use the /randomitem command to get a random item.
    default: op
  • randomitems.use.sign: ==> Can use a sign to get a random item.
    default: op
  • randomitems.use.chest: ==> Can use a chest to get a random item.
    default: op
  • randomitems.give ==> Allows players to give random items.
    default: op


Future changes...

  • Make Random item chests unique instead of per world.
  • Add multiple random items tiers.
  • Multiple levels timers.
  • More ways to receive items. Example: Item on join.
  • Need more suggestions!


Leave a comment, send me a PM, or shoot me an email at [email protected] Also, feel free to add me on Skype: mc.Ajaxan


Currently, I run my own little network called "The Terra Network." It isn't anything fancy right now but I'm always messing around on there and working on my own server ideas. IP: mc-tn.net

I am also looking for fun little plugin projects to keep me busy. If you have any ideas send me a PM!


If you like my work feel free to support me. I love making plugins but this is a great way to motivate me to make certain changes or updates! Thanks for using my plugins and being awesome!



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