This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Version : 5.2.1 (06/05/2012) For CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.0+
Author : Erwyn & Dorpaxio

The Rakamak plugin has been created to provide a security opportunity for
servers with online-mode=false.

Cause I was in a particular network configurations with players accessing the
server by the Internet and others by the local Network without Internet access
I was encoutering lots of account stealing, particularly adminisatrators accounts
(oh? isn't it?).

The Rakamak plugin is a simple plugin which asks a password previously set up
by the player, before being able to do anything with his character.

It's my first plugin, so I probably have lots of things to learn, but it works...


  • Set a password for each player
  • Protect players from account stealing by asking it
  • Disable all commands but the login's one when not logged.
  • Possibility of changing password > /changepass <currentpassword> <newpassword>
  • The player can move only in a radius of 5 blocks.
  • Later login, the gamemode of player is changed automatically in survival.
  • Disable the chat if player isn't login ( Optional In config )
  • A player op. It isn't op later login.
  • Possibility of changing the radius of the not movement ( Config )
  • Possibility of changing the text.
  • No damage if player is not logged.
  • Kick player if he tried too many password. (Config)
  • Admin Password for more security. (Option)
  • See the passwords of others (ADMIN)
  • Change the paswwords of others (ADMIN)
  • Use permissions.
  • Save Ip (Config in settings or per player.)


  • /register <thepasswordyouwant> to protect your character
  • /login <thesamepassword> to authenticate on login
  • /changepass <currentpassword> <newpassword> to change your password
  • /achangepass <player> <newpassword> [adminpass] to change passwords of others (ADMIN) - rakamak.admin.changepass
  • /aseepass <player> [adminpass] to see passwords of others (ADMIN) - rakamak.admin.seepass
  • /rakaload [adminpass] to reload configs and templates (ADMIN) - rakamak.admin.reload
  • /logout to disconect without problems and remove currently registered ip.
  • /togglesaveip to totally stop/start saving ip (/tsi too).
/login or /lgTo authenticate on login.None
/register or /rsTo protect your character.None
/changepassTo change your password.None
/achangepassTo change other's passwords.rakamak.admin.changepass
/aseepassTo see other's passwords.rakamak.admin.seepass
/rakaloadTo reload configs and templates.rakamak.admin.reload
/togglesaveip or /tsiTo totally stop/start saving ip.None
/logoutTo disconect without problems and remove currently registered ip.None

Changelogs : ChangeLogs


If you have last version before 5.0.0, INSTALL the new settings and new templates !!
Link: Rakamak.rar ( V.5.2.1 )


  • MySQL support
  • The MySQL support will be optional ( Config )
  • 1 or more player per IP (config)


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