This plugin provides a player with the ability to build a coal powered mining and railroad construction machine!


  • RailDriver has same break/build permissions as the user who started it
    • Respects WorldGuard regions explicitly
    • Respects all blockBreakEvent intercepting anti-grief plugins
  • Won't break bedrock or obsidian
  • Stops all user owned RailDrivers when user logs out
  • Creates proper drops for mined blocks

For Players


To build one, the player must assemble a specific pattern of rare blocks.

  • 9 X Diamond Block
  • 9 X Sticky Piston
  • 19 X Iron Block
  • 4 X Redstone Repeater
  • 2 X Redstone Dust
  • 2 X Switch
  • 2 X Dispenser
  • 2 X Furnace
  • 1 X Chest

The first layer

of blocks is layed out like so, with sticky pistons facing forwards and furnaces facing backwards:

First Layer

The second layer

begins shifted one block forward from the first. Notice the four Redstone Repeaters all facing forwards:


The second layer is completed

with dispensers facing backwards:


The third layer

starts with a mirror of the bottom layer. Note the helper cobblestone block that will need to be removed:


The power row

is composed of the Redstone and Switch to drive the pistons. If you throw this switch it will activate all the pistons, but make sure it is in the off position before attempting to start your RailDriver!



your RailDriver by adding the backwards facing chest and the activation switch:



Once built, the player can activate the RailDriver simply by throwing the switch on the rear. A RailDriver will dig a three by three tunnel, laying a foundation of stone brick with a single rail in the middle. Every eight blocks, the RailDriver will lay a Power Rail with a Stone Brick column on either side, a Redstone torch on one to power the rail, and a regular torch on the other for light. To keep the thing going, the player must provide a steady supply of coal and building materials. All of this happens in two operational phases.

Drilling Phase

When activated the RailDriver will immediately enter the Drilling phase. Fuel for this phase comes in the form of coal or charcoal which must be loaded into the furnaces. Every drilling phase will consume 1 coal from each furnace (2 coal total).


The diamond drill bit will piston into any blocks in front, drilling the next stage of the passage, and ejecting the removed blocks from the rear dispensers.


Normal Laying Phase

Once drilling is complete, the RailDriver enters the Normal Laying Phase. Supplies needed when laying the foundation and track must be in the chest above the switch at the back of the machine. These supplies are consumed when the RailDriver moves forwards 1 block. During a Normal Laying Phase, the RailDriver needs 3 cobblestone, 2 iron, and 1 stick loaded into the chest.


The RailDriver will use the supplies to create the required items, lay them down, and move forward by one block. You'll notice that due to the RailDriver's extremely efficient design, it is capable of creating a Rail with only 2 Iron Ingots. Amazing!


Power Laying Phase

Every 8 blocks, the RailDriver will enter a Power Laying Phase instead. To complete this phase it needs 9 cobblestone, 3 sticks, 2 gold ingots, 1 redstone, and 1 coal loaded into the chest.


The RailDriver will use these supplies to create the power rail and the power columns.


For Server Admins


Download the jar here. Drop it in your plugins directory and go!


Standard config.yml in the RailDriver directory. Plugin reload is required for config file changes to take effect

requires_fuel option determines if RailDrivers require fuel and supplies in order to operate. When set to false, an active RailDriver will not consume coal from the furnaces nor supplies from the chest.


      description: stock the player inventory with all required blocks for building a RailDriver
      permission: RailDriver.rd_stock
      usage: /rd_stock [player]
      description: stock the player inventory with a developer kit of tools
      permission: RailDriver.rd_devkit
      usage: /rd_devkit [player]


      description: allows player to execute the rd_stock command
      default: op
      description: allows player to execute the rd_devkit command
      default: op


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