RadioStone Transmitters


RadioStone is a basic redstone transmitter. Designed to look vanilla to Minecraft, it supports up to 15 different non-interfering channels. A channel is defined using wool. Each color of wool is a separate channel.

When a transmitter receives redstone power, it will flip all receivers within range that use the same wool color. For example: A RED transmitter is powered by redstone, it will then find all red receivers within the specified radius and toggle them.

The setup

Blue, green, and red transmitter and receiver sets. Note that the switches on the transmitters are not required, they are just to show where redstone input is needed.

Transmitters broadcast a redstone signal to all receivers in range. A transmitter is constructed of a Gold block(configurable) with colored wool beneath it, and a redstone torch on top. A redstone input into the gold block toggles all receivers with matching wool within range(configurable range).

Receivers toggle their redstone state whenever a transmitter in range is activated. A receiver is constructed of an Iron block(configurable) with colored wool beneath, and a lever on top. The lever will flip itself whenever a transmitter in range is activated.

To create a transmitter: Construct the transmitter as described above, and it will automatically update the first time it is activated.

To create a receiver Construct the receiver as described above, and flip the switch on top to activate it.


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