This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



Radiation is an extremely small, lightweight plugin developed as an add-on for WorldGuard. This plugin allows server owners to set 'Radiation Zones' on their server using a WorldGuard flag. I tried my best to develop this plugin using logic that meant it won't cause any sort of issues with other regions, however if I messed something up, let me know.

This plugin was developed specifically for the CraftedMiners Minecraft Server Network, however we have the feeling that other people want something for their server. This is why we are releasing both the plugin and the source code.


Using this plugin, you can use WorldGuard to set a Radiation flag on a region. When players are in this region, they are hit with potion effects to simulate radiation poisoning. All settings are configurable.


In order to use this plugin, you will also need to have WorldGuard and WGCustomFlags installed on your server. For those that don't know, WGCustomFlags works as any other plugin. Just drag and drop the jar.


There are no commands specifically for Radiation. However it does add a flag to WorldGuard.

/region flag <region_name> radiation (allow | deny) - This is the command you need to run in order to set the radiation flag to your region. ALLOW obviously turns on radiation and DENY obviously turns it off.


radiation.hazmat - Bypass permission node for the radiation simulation. Defaults to OP users.


In my honest opinion, this plugin isn't as configurable as I would have liked. However it was made to a specification, so it to the job done. I may rewrite the config file in the future, and then I will do a proper config explanation, but for the time being, the current comments should be enough. Any questions, leave a comment or make a ticket and we will do our best to help out.

# How long (in seconds) should players be immune for in Radiation areas?
immune: 15

# How long (in seconds) should players get nausea for before the next potion effect kicks in?
nausea: 20

# What level nausea should players get? (Max. 2, I think)
nausea-level: 1

# How long (in seconds) should players get slowness for before the next potion effect kicks in?
slowness: 30

# What level slowness should players get? (Max. 3, I think)
slowness-level: 2

# How long (in seconds) should players get poison for?
poison: 55

# What level poison should players get? (Max. 1, I think)
poison-level: 1

# Should players be killed after the poison effect has finished counting?
kill: false


The main idea of this plugin was to discourage spawn camping by putting an area around the spawn where you couldn't stay. However, the plugin has more of a fun survival server element to it. All you have to do is set up the regions and let the players did out what's going on. There's really nothing to it.

Other Info

If you would like something else added to the plugin, feel free to leave a comment or a ticket and I'll give it a try if I feel it fits the plugin.

The source code for this plugin is available on my BitBucket page.

Have questions? Join #craftedminers on irc.esper.net, or just click this link.


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