Plugin Version History



TODO List:

The List of current working state can be found here.

Version 1.1.1 (Beta)

  • [ADD] new Traits: PermissionTrait, WeaponNextHitDamageIncreaseBuffTrait, MagicSpellTrait, PotionArrowTrait, PullToSelfTrait, AbsorbDamageBuffTrait, MightyArrowTrait, ThrowItemsAroundSpellTrait, StinSpellTrait, ThrowItemTrait, QuickArrowShotTrait, AreaAirDropSpellTrait, AreaAirDropTrait, AreaDamageTrait, FirebreathTrait, MagicAreaHealTrait, MagicDamageTrait, PassiveAggroTrait.
  • [ADD] Items to eat.
  • [ADD] Race-Spawns.
  • [ADD] probably stuff I forgot.
  • [FIX] Maaaaaany Bugs.
  • [FIX] Update to fully work with MC 1.7.10 + Spigot 1.8 Protocoll hack.
  • [FIX] Maaaaaaany Traits.

Version 1.1.0 (Release)

  • [FIX] bug with creating new files.
  • [FIX] bug with spamming dwarfskin Trait on cooldown
  • [FIX] bug with armor disequip on login.
  • [FIX] bug with Totem Traits not stopping when a Totem breaks.
  • [FIX] some internals changed and fixed even more bugs.
  • [ADD] Commands now are completely disableable via config.
  • [ADD] Command Aliases are now completely disable via config.
  • [ADD] RaceSpawning - Setting Spawn places for Races.
  • [ADD] ManaRegenerationTotemTrait: this will restore mana to the ones sourounding.
  • [ADD] Config option for cooldowns on the Bow and Wand for notifying on that this is selected and what to do with it.

IMPORTANT!!! READ BELOW!!! THIS VERSION WILL ONLY WORK FOR Bukkit 1.7.5 and upwards. It includes the new UUID system which is only available with Bukkit 1.7.5 and neuer.

Version 1.0.4 (ALPHA / BETA)

  • [ADD] We now use UUIDs instead of Player Names. This has Implications. Read the notice Below
  • [FIX] Some Trait related problems that should now be fixed
  • [Fix] Totems now should show up on a correct place

IMPORTANT!!! READ BELOW!!! THIS VERSION WILL ONLY WORK FOR Bukkit 1.7.5 and upwards. It includes the new UUID system which is only available with Bukkit 1.7.5 and neuer. This build is marked for 1.7.4 because no 1.7.5 Build is there to mark. :(

If you use

general_saving_savePlayerDataToDB: true

Set this option to false and do a restart with the old Version. For best Issues with 1.0.3 (RC 2)! This will convert all File DB related Data to YML data. If you do NOT do this, your PlayerData will be LOST!!!

If you have

general_saving_savePlayerDataToDB: false

you can safely ignore this step.

Version 1.0.3 (RC 2)

  • [FIX] for DB loading error.
  • [FIX] for YML loading. Much faster and better
  • [FIX] for Many Event processing
  • [FIX] for Arrows not working
  • [FIX] for PermanentPotionsEffect
  • [FIX] even more fixes!
  • [FIX] so many fixes I can't even count
  • [FIX] selection Matrix now works fine.
  • [ADD] more times a Trait per class / race by adding '#1' to the trait name.
  • [ADD] more config options for disableing / enabling stuff.

Version 1.0.3 (BETA 3)

  • [FIX] Bug with Permanent Potion Trait. Works except for the fact of removing particles
  • [FIX] Some critical bugs relating to loading / saving
  • [ADD] Support for Mana / Item / Hunger draining spells.
  • [ADD] Support for future Totems

Version 1.0.3 (ALPHA 3) (TEST-VERSION)

THIS IS A TEST VERSION!!! It is only ment to help me debug some errors! If you don't want to have an Instable Version, skip this one!

  • [FIX] many bugfixes related to Player Health
  • [ADD] Trait description as: description: 'your description' will be displayed instead of the generated Trait config in GUIs.
  • [ADD] LavaResistanceTrait
  • [FIX] PermanentPotionTrait

Version 1.0.3 (BETA 2)

  • [FIX] Many bugfixes
  • [ADD] Many Traits

Version 1.0.3 (BETA 1)

  • [ADD] removed some annoying messages to
  • [FIX] Selection GUIs should now work as intended
  • [FIX] Some MC 1.7 stuff
  • [FIX] More bugs.
  • [ADD] had to add Apache.IO because CB always relocates it.
  • [FIX] Some outputs to cooldowns are removed.

Version 1.0.2 (BETA-6 / RC3)

  • [ADD] Traits now can have several additional Triggers: onlyInWater, onlyOnLand, onlyInLava, minLevel, maxLevel, cooldown, biome.
  • [ADD] Magic System now usable.
  • [ADD] MANY new Traits.
  • [ADD] Message to WAND and BOW on change to tell how to change Spell / Arrow.
  • [ADD] Autoupdater only for RELEASE versions. (Thanks to Gravity for the Uploader)
  • [ADD] Statistics now shows the taken time taken.
  • [ADD] Global Configuration now is nicer to read and edit.
  • [ADD / FIX] Much stuff I forgot to mention.

Version 1.0.2 (BETA-5 / RC2)

  • [ADD] command: '/racpermcheck [subcommand]' to check Permissions on Races / Classes / other
  • [ADD] command: /racedit' for a gui to build Races / Classes. WARNING: not 100% functional yet.
  • [ADD] A new File (plugins/RacesAndClasses/HolderStartupErrors.log) is generated containing all trait setup errors of the races.yml / classes.yml. (as long as it can be read -> Synthax has to be correct)
  • [ADD] DB SUPPORT!!!!! PlayerData is now stored in a DB. This will result in MASSIVE performance improvement on saving / loading of the plugin.
  • [ADD] playerData.yml -> DB Converter. Your old Data from the YAML files will be copied to the new DB. (This will automatically happen on the next load). HINT: This may take some time if you have many players on your server. Afterwards it will be wayloads faster.
  • [FIX] bug preventing people from login
  • [FIX] bug where inventory tags are to long.
  • [FIX] GroupManager support for additional Permissions on Races / Classes via <racename>.permissions... node.
  • [FIX] HealOthersTrait not triggering correct on healing others
  • [FIX] An Error with Race / Class Permissions for specific Races / Classes
  • [FIX] Some stupid errors where Vault is not checked correctly before trying to access it
  • [FIX] Some Performance improvements
  • [KNOWN ERROR] Updating via 'plugins/update/' folder only works when RESTARTING! Reload will produce an EBeanServer error. So for Updating: please !!!RESTART!!! your Server. Reload will not work on updating.
    I have no idea where this error comes from at the moment.

Version 1.0.2 (BETA-4 / RC1)


  • A command for viewing own Traits (/showtraits)
  • A statistics for bootup. (/racstatistics startup)
  • Forcing selection of Race / Class on startup. (watch for your permissions here! If no race / class is selectable, it is skipped.)


  • Some major bug fixes.
  • A bug where the Race / Class selection fails due to too long lore texts on items.

Version 1.0.2(BETA-3) (currently working on)


  • A Magic system with Mana. (System is present + working, but not visible to the outside yet. You won't notice it yet.)
  • A WHOLE bunch of Unit Tests for about 40% source code coverage at the moment (more to come).


  • Several Fixes for commands that behaved bad.
  • Race / Class selection / change should now work fluently
  • Class selection / changing now checks permissions as intended.
  • MovementIncreaseTrait now increases movement as wanted. WARNING: only values between 0 and 1 (default is 0.2).
  • Missing Vault will not crash the plugin.
  • Many small Bugfixes.

Version 1.0.2 (BETA-2)


  • Dynamic Event usage of Traits
  • message scheduling API for sending message to player in X seconds
  • Permissions adding for Races and Classes. Keyword: permission.
  • Member Config API
  • 2 new Traits: MovementSpeedTrait and UnderwaterBreathTrait.
  • Graphical Usage for Selecting / Changing Races / Classes.
  • Race to Class matrix for only selecting specific Classes per Race (not tested yet -> probably buggy).
  • New Trait: HorseRestrictionTrait. Doing restrictions of: taiming, mounting, giving chests, leashing, jumping with Horses.


  • Bug with selecting / changing Classes.

Version 1.0.2 (BETA-1)


  • Compatibility to Bukkit 1.5.2


  • some internal movements and creation of Cooldown API
  • some Annotation and interface changes to prevent redundancy

Version 1.0.2 - Alpha-1 (DEV - Released!)


  • More syntax checking on races.yml and classes.yml
  • Unittesting (25% need more! :( )
  • Cooldown for race/class change
  • much internal changes
  • Traits are now in Traits folder
  • recursive search of Traits in folder
  • Support for 1.6 Life system


  • Armor selecetion should now work completely.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.0.1 (PUBLIC)


  • Some API sceletons.
  • Configuration Option to disable all Traits on listed World.
  • Configuration Option to disable the chat health bar per default.
  • Configuration Option to enable races / classes with the need of Permission Nodes. (racesandclasses.classes.<classname> and racesandclasses.rasses.<rassname>)


  • Armor Trait


  • refactored Trait loading / configuration. Great step for more configurations

Version 1.0 (PUBLIC)

[ADD] (basic implementation)

  • Race System
  • Class System
  • Chat System
  • Tutorial System
  • Many Traits

[FIX] -


[OPEN] -