Hotkey System - Binding System





Hotkey System

What is the Hotkey System?
The Hotkey System is ment for players to easily access their Traits / Skills through pressing a hotkey.

How does it work?
It's pretty simple. There are two modes:

  • The Battle Mode
  • The Build Mode

You always start in the build Mode.
Here you can freely use all your quick slots for building materials and so on.

In the Battle Mode, parts of your quickslots are blocked and you can use your Traits / Skills by pressing the HotKey.

How does it work?
First of all, it has to be enabled in the Config (hotkeys_enabled = true). Also the new Binding System has be activated in the Config (use_new_traitbind_system).
When this is both activated, you can switch your Modes with the '/bt' command.
In Battle Mode you can activate your Trait simply by pressing the number key (hotkey) the Item is on.

If you want to set / change the slots, use '/bt open' (or '/obt' in RaC 1.1.8+). Here you can select which Trait is bound to which slot.
Slots can also be permanently disabled in the Config. To do this, go to the config, then to 'disabled_hotkey_slots' and add the slot numbers that should be disabled.

That's about it. Simple as that.