Q: HELP! There are no Races visible after adding / editing the races.yml.
A: First rule: Don't panic! Check the file for YAML syntax errors. If there is any syntax errors, the file can't be load (limitation to the YAML Language). Here is a link for an online YAML parser to find syntax errors. When there are no YAML errors, the Plugin will most likely place a friends message in the console on startup, a message in the debug.log or a message in the error.log (located at 'plugins/RacesAndClasses/Debug/').

Q: HELP! There are no Classes visible after adding / editing the classes.yml.
A: Do the same steps as above.

Q: How do I add new Traits to the plugin?
A: You just have to place the .jar file of the Trait in a subfolder of: 'plugins/RacesAndClasses/traits/'.

Q: I have Traits for several Arrows. How do I change them?
A: You can switch Arrow types (for example: FireArrowTrait, TeleportArrowTrait, ... ) by left clicking while holding a Bow in hands. You can use the Arrows by simply firing an arrow with a bow.

Q: How do I change / use Magic spells?
A: You can change Magic spells by left clicking with a 'wand' (default is a Stick). Casting a spell is possible by right clicking with a 'wand'.

Q: My mana is not regenerating automatically? How do I do that?
A: Mana regeneration is, like everything else, also a trait. It's called 'ManaRegenerationTrait'. You have to give your Race and/or your class the Trait to be sure they regenerate Mana. There are other Traits that can regenerate Mana. But for that, please refer to the Traits page.

Q: I have specified Permissions for Races / Classes in the races.yml / classes.yml. But the races / classes don't have the Permissions.
A: Make sure you are using the Plugin: Vault as bridge to your permission Plugin. Also make sure your permission Plugin supports Groups.

Q: My Permissions for Races / Classes (Permissions specified for a Race / Class in the races.yml / classes.yml) are not removed after editing them.
A: This is a shortage of Vault. You have to remove unremoved Permissions, groups still have after editing, per hand in the corresponding Permission plugin you use.

Q: My traits won't work!
A: Make sure that you've read through the trait guide and you compare your traits to the example ones.

Q: You have read of the possibility to let a Race only have specific Classes?
A: This is pretty easy solevable. The solution to this is the 'racesClassesSelectionMatrix.yml'. More on how it works can be found on the Configuration page.

Q: The plugin won't load!
A: Try installing "Vault" It's a plugin.

Q: You have any other Problems with the Plugin?
A: Just post a message below on the main page, open a Ticket in the Ticket section or try your luck in the Forums.

Q: I have multiple same Traits for a Race / Class but it only shows the last one.
A: This is a problem due to YAML configurations. Multiple same tags are ignored and only the last one is read. The solution for this is to add '#1' or any other number at the end of the Trait. Examples: 'FireballTrait#1', 'LightningTrait#42', ...

Q: My health / mana is not appliing correct to the Race / Class.
A: First of all look if you wrote the tag in the config correct! It is 'healthbonus' and 'manabonus'. The old values ('raceMaxHealth', 'raceMaxMana', ...) are all REMOVED since RaC 1.1.5!