General Configuration

The general Configuration of the Plugin is found in plugins/RacesAndClasses/config.yml.

The Configuration of this file should explain itself.

Races To Classes Matrix

There is the Possibility to limit the Classes a Race may pick.
This is regulated by the 'racesClassesSelectionMatrix.yml' found in the root folder of RacesAndClasses.
Here is how to use this feature:
You have to specify the Races / Classes like this:

Race1: [Class1,Class2,Class3]
Race2: [Class2,Class4]
Race3: [Class4]

Race1,2,... and Class1,2,... have to be replaced by real Races- and Classesnames of course.

In the above example:

  • Race1 may take only Class1, Class2 and Class3.
  • Race2 may take only Class2 and Class4.
  • Race3 may take only Class4.

Race Teams

Race-Teams is the option to define some sort of factions.
Multiple Races are friendly to each other, or they are enemies.
We have 4 Races: Elf, Orc, Troll, Human.
We want to make 2 Teams, Elf and Human against Orc and Troll.
Here is the config for that:

- Orc
- Troll
- Human
- Elf

So you simply put a String List with the teamed up races in the config.