Here is a list of all Commands used by the Plugin:

Help related

- "/racehelp or /rac or /rhelp" help for the plugin

- "/racehelp page <number>" displays the page with the number passed

- "/racehelp trait <traitname>" displays the help to the given trait

Race related:

- "/race select <racename>" use to select race

- "/race change <racename>" use to change your race

- "/race list" lists all races

- "/race info" displays info to your race

Class related

- "/class select <classname>" selects your current class

- "/class change <classname>" changes your current class

- "/class info" gives infos to your current class

- "/class list" lists all classes available

Chat related

- "/whisper <target> <message>" whispers a target a message (alias: /w)

- "/channel" displays help for channels

- "/channel list" lists all public channels

- "/channel join <channelname> [password]" joins a channel. If it has a password, it checks the password provided. (not possible for Global, Race or World channels)

- "/channel leave <channelname>" leaves a channel. (not possible for Global, Race or World channels)

- "/channel <post/change/switch> <channelname>" changes your curren channel, where you post normal messages to the one provided. (if you use '/channel post Global', your further posts will be sent to the global channel)

- "/channel create <channelname> [channeltype] [password]" creates a channel. (channeltypes are: 'PublicChannel', 'PrivateChannel', 'PasswordChannel', 'GlobalChannel', 'RaceChannel', 'WorldChannel'. players can only create the following channels: 'PrivateChannel', 'PublicChannel', 'PasswordChannel' only if the channeltype is 'PasswordChannel' the password will be checked.

- "/channel edit <channelname> [property] [value]" changes a property of a channel. Properties are: format, color, admin, prefix, suffix, password

- "/channel mute <channelname> <playername> [duration in seconds]" mutes a player in a channel for x seconds. (no duration = forever)

- "/channel unmute <channelname> <playername>" unmutes a player in a channel.

- "/channel ban <channelname> <playername> [duration in seconds]" bans a player from a channel for x seconds. (no duration = forever)

- "/channel unban <channelname> <playername>" unbans a player from a channel.

- "/localchat <message>" sends a local message to all players x blocks away. (x configurable in config)

- "/racechat <message>" (alias: /rc, /rchat) post something in the race-chat


- "/racespawn set <racename>" Sets the Spawn point of a race to the one mentioned

- "/racespawn set" Sets the spawnpoint of your own race

- "/racespawn" Brings you to your own race's spawnpoint



- "/raclevel" or "/lvl": gets the own exp and level

- "/raclevel <Player> <exp/lvl> <amount>" gives Player the amount of exp or levels. (examples: '/raclevel tobiyas exp 1337' or '/raclevel tobiyas lvl 42'). Also works with negative numbers.



- "/hp" displays your current HP

- "/traitlist" lists all traits categories

- "/traitlist <category>" lists all traits of the passed category

Tutorial related

- "/racestutorial <skip/start/stop/reset>" executes the given command to your tutorial


For Admins

- "/racesreload [gc]" reloads the plugin. If '/racesreload gc' is called, a java garbage collection is done afterwards to clean memory

- "/racedebug <debugcommand>" runs a debug command. (currently only 'scan' and 'timing')

- "/raceheal [player]" heals player

- "/racegod [playername]" gives a player godmode.

Force the selection of Race / Class

- "/racforceclass <player> <class name>" Changes the player's class to the one passed.

- "/racforcerace <player> <race name>" Changes the player's race to the one passed.