The Races plugin adds races of beings to Minecraft! Players can build altars and sacrifice materials to switch between the available classes. Players may also inter-breed through the use of 'Race Potions'! Currently Races is in an experimental stage, meaning I have yet to add certain features. The plugin may contain errors, and may not currently be running as efficiently as possible. I am also very open to any ideas the community has!

Current Recommended Version: 1.1.3b1*

Please note that using the "/reload" command will cause errors without relogging.
It is not required to use Vault, but it is highly recommended, as use with Vault support has been confirmed to have few to no bugs.


  • Altars!
  • Full customization!
  • Experience system!
  • Level system!
  • Powers!
  • Chat Prefixes(Vault)!

The Basics

Races is an aspiring attempt to add role-playing features by giving players races, levels, and the ability to build altars, rank up and gain experience. The old Races plugin used powers built into the plugin things such as "Speed-<amplifier>" and "FireResistance-0". In an attempt to offload work for me and to make the plugin more of a wrapper and less of a RAM consuming monster, powers have been turned over to permissions! Powers are derived from any plugin that has a permission for a certain function. For example: a race could contain a power using the permission "essentials.fireball", and everyone in that race with the right level will have the permission "essentials.fireball" otherwise, the permission will not be given to a player.

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Available in the next version

  • MySQL support


  • Creating XML

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