Horse Races

Horse Races!

Are You A Developer?

  • I'm looking to give this plugin away to a worthy developer.
  • I don't have the time to keep making updates :(
  • If you're interested, pm me.

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  • xXTreePuncherXx
  • Server:


  • Race horses, pigs, and minecarts
  • Multiple race tracks can be run at once
  • Many configuration options

Plugin Wiki

Please visit for installation instructions, permissions, commands, and more.

Future Plans

  • Automatic/Multiple Races
  • Timed Results
  • Custom Start Line
  • Rewards System
  • Economy Integration (Vault, etc.)
  • Horse Betting/Entry Fees
  • Multiple Laps/Checkpoints
  • mcMMO Horses Integration
  • Custom Inventory
  • Horse Power-ups
  • Other Cool Things


I have a really busy schedule so money motivation is always nice! There is a button in the top right corner to do so :) Even if you don't want to donate, I could use other forms of help. If anyone wants to help create a wiki/youtube tutorial or give ideas please message me. I can list you as a sponsor/helper on this page and promote your server. Also, any feedback is much appreciated!


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