This is my second plugin and second fork. Qukkiz base on Trivia and has some nice enhancements, like several question types, Bukkit like coloring, expanded leader list.



You only have to place the Qukkiz jar-file into the plugins/-directory. You also need to add the SQLite driver (sqlitejdbc-v056.jar) into the lib/ directory.

You also needs the Bukkit Plugin Utilities library. Place it near to the SQLite driver in the lib/ directory. Rename it to BukkitPluginUtilities.jar! Version 1.0.0 is compatible with all builds since 1.1.0 and 1.1.0/1.1.0 require at least version 1.3.0 (7th developmental build).

It should look like:

+ Server directory
+--- craftbukkit.jar
+-+- plugins/
| |
| +--- Qukkiz.jar
| |
| +--- Qukkiz/
+-+- lib/
  +--- BukkitPluginUtilities.jar
  +--- sqlitejdbc-v056.jar


Qukkiz is a replacement for Trivia, as Trivia wasn't developed for months.

For simple Qukkiz asks the players a question, and they can answer it. For correct answers they been rewarded by points, items or coins and this is fully configurable.

To play Qukkiz you have at first to enable qukkiz for you by executing “/qukkiz”. After his qukkiz will send the actually question to you. To disable qukkiz for you execute the command a second time.


It is possible to use several rewards. All rewards are defined in the rewards node in the configuration file. Following rewards are already implemented:

  • Points rewards (points-node): For each correctly answered question it will reward the winner with virtual points.
  • Items rewards (items-node): The winning player will reward a item randomly selected from a list. Each item has the same chance.
  • Coins rewards (coins-node): With iConomy it is possible to reward the winning player with the defined coins.
  • Experience rewards (experience-node): This will add a percentage experience value.

If you don't want to apply a reward simply don't define the settings for this reward. For example in the configuration file above the economy settings are disabled.


With Qukkiz there are following question types possible:

  • estimate-question: Estimate a searched integer.
    • Example: estimate*What is the height of the Mount Everest ? (meters) *8848
    • Format: estimate*<question>*<answer>
  • scramble-question: The player has to unscramble a word
    • Example: scramble*legal
    • Format: scramble*<word>
  • multiple-choice-question: Qukkiz tells the players a list of choices.
    • Example: multiple choice*What is the capital of France?*Paris*Berlin*London*Madrid
    • Format: multiple choice*<question>*<correct answer>(*<wrong answer>)+
  • list-question: Multiple answers are correct and the last correct get the reward.
    • Example: list*List all founding countries of the EU*Belgium*France*Germany*Italy*Luxembourg*Netherlands
    • Format: list*<question>*<correct answer>(*<correct answers)+
  • Normal question: A normal question which generally Trivia used:
    • Example: Which is the longest river in Europe?*Volga*Volga river
    • Format: <question>(*<answers>)+

Simply write down these questions in a text file and add them to the settings file. The files from the original thread are also possible to read.


1.1.1: (2012-04-19, BPU: 1.3.0-B7)

  • Recognize 'multiple choice' questions in the standard questions file.
  • If no question type is defined, use the first segment as question (affected only standard question files).

1.1.0: (2012-02-26, BPU 1.3.0-B7)

  • Added support for questions file in yml format.
  • Made Qukkiz compatible with the newest builds (including the break in R5) so hopefully it will work with R5.
  • Added experience reward.
  • Prevent from using the /qukkiz load… command with wrong parameter combinations.
  • Added list question → See also

1.0.0: (2011-08-16, BPU: 1.1.0+)

  • Allows different answer modes: Only via command, only via chat or via both.
  • Add property to select specific permissions plugin.
  • Print message, that the answer isn't correct, when used via command.
  • Don't crash when the item list is empty.
  • All permissions values beginning with qukkiz.….


  • Compatibility with Bukkit Plugin Utilties.


  • Added support for iConomy 5, BOSEconomy and Essentials Economy.

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