QuickWarp was designed with the idea of keeping the amount you have to type to teleport to someone at a minimum. It allows you to teleport to your friends, bring them to you, straight to other worlds, and then return with a very small amount of typing. It was also made for those server admins who didn't want to use bloat plugins on their server. This plugin is for teleportation only!


  • /warpto command allows you to go to someone, only one name need be typed.
  • /warphere command allows you to send someone to you, once again, only one name need be typed.
  • Both can be shortened to /w2 (and /to) and /wh (and /here) respectively.
  • Player name shortening. If XPlayer is online, and YPlayer wants to teleport to him, he only needs to type /w2 x. That is 5 characters over 20 characters in a normal /tp between the two.
  • Inter-World teleportation if you aren't in the same world as your buddy!
  • Type /return or /r to return to where you where before you teleported!
  • After you die, type /return to return to your dead body!
  • Shortcut between worlds using /worldwarp (/ww and /world). No need to type the full name (unless it is not unique, e.g. world and world_nether)
  • SuperPerms support. Don't have it? Then OPs can use the commands, but no-one else.

Command Usage

  • /warpto [playername] - Sends user of the command to whomever they enter as [playername]. (Aliases: /w2 /to)
  • /warphere [playername] - Sends [playername] to whomever used the command. (Aliases: /wh /here)
  • /worldwarp [worldname] - Sends user of the command to whatever world they enter as [worldname]. (Aliases: /ww /world)
  • /return - Sends you back to where you were before you teleported. (Aliases: /r)

Permission Nodes

  • quickwarp.* - gives all below permissions.
  • quickwarp.warpto - allows use of the /warpto or /w2 commands.
  • quickwarp.warphere - allows use of the /warphere or /wh commands.
  • quickwarp.return - allows use of the /return or /r commands.
  • quickwarp.death - allows use of the return to dead body feature. Does not require quickwarp.return to use.
  • quickwarp.world - allows use of the /worldwarp or /ww commands.
  • quickwarp.wwreturn - allows returning through worlds. DOES require the quickwarp.return to use.

Planned Features

See tickets.

Source Code

Before you use this source code, you MUST read up on the license to the right, or in the git repository. Failure to do so is against the license and therefore illegal in most countries.


Version 0.6

  • Fixed plugin metrics.
  • Updated for 1.5.2.

Version 0.5

  • Removed Permissions 3 support.
  • Updated for 1.2.3.

Version 0.4

  • Added /worldwarp command to shortcut between worlds.
  • Config file added to change what feedback text is shown to users.
  • Added return to dead body feature.

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