Bringing RPG/MMO inspired fast travel warp systems to Minecraft!

So intuitive and easy to use, you'll wonder how you got by without it.

Now supports iConomy 4,5,6, BOSEconomy 6&7, EssentialsEconony, 3Co, and more!


Introduction to QuickTravel

QuickTravel was created to introduce an RPG travel system long missing from Minecraft. Inspired by systems used in various well-established RPGs and MMOs, QuickTravel allows you to easily warp between preset locations - if you've discovered them already. Jam-packed with customisation options, you can allow users to warp from anywhere, to charge them to warp, to allow users to warp without having to discover the locations first, to have sound and visual FX played when a user warps, and more!

Core Features

  • QuickTravel brings an RPG travel system to your server, and is inspired by RPGs and MMOs like The Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft.
  • Intuitive and easy to use! The only command your users need to remember is /qt!
  • Easy to set up! QuickTravel automatically sets the default values, and automatically sets prices for warps for you based on distance! All you need to do is drop QuickTravel into your plugins folder and get going!
  • Customisable! Want to set it so users can warp from anywhere, not just QT locations? No problem! Want your users to have to discover an area before they can warp there? Done! Want to only allow specific players/groups to use certain warp points? You got it! It's all doable in QuickTravel!
  • Economy support through Vault! Charge your users to warp, either using our built-in price calculation feature, or by setting the prices yourself!

Quick Start Guide

  1. Download QuickTravel.jar and place it in your servers' plugins folder, and restart your server. A default config.yml will be generated in plugins/QuickTravel. For basic usage, you do not need to change this.
  2. Give yourself the qt.admin.* permission so you can start making warp locations (QTs), and then login to your Minecraft server.
  3. Build a platform for your first QT. You can build it out of whatever you like, so get creative!
  4. Stand where you want your QT to be, and type /qt create <name>, replacing <name> with the desired name for your QT. NO SPACES ALLOWED, and the name MUST contain letters (caps are fine). Numbers are allowed, so long as there are letters also.

And you're done! You have set up your first QT. Go repeat the last 2 steps to build another QT somewhere else, and you can start warping between them! Go ahead and give the permission qt.user to anyone else you want to be able to use the QTs.

This guide only shows how to set up a very basic radius QTs with default settings. For cuboid QTs or more advanced features, check the Wiki.



If you need help, you can create a ticket or post on the forum.


Download v0.7.1 (for CB 1.2.3-R3.0)

Source @ GitHub

Known Issues

None! Found one? Create a ticket or let me know on the forum!

Planned Changes

Listed by priority:

  1. Add 'permissions-override' option in config.yml. When set to true, if the player has the permission for a QT, they can warp to and from it regardless of whether they have discovered it or it's enabled status. - Planned for next release.
  2. Add optional warm-up and cool-down timers. - Planned for next release.
  3. Add 'qt.free' permission. Users with the permission will not be charged to use QTs. - Planned for next release.
  4. Add multipliers for individual worlds, and individual warps. - Planned for next release.
  5. Revamp the '/qt list' command.
  6. Add '/qt cfg' command so that admins can update the config.yml in-game.
  7. Add dynmap functionality. If dynmap is running, QTs will be displayed on the map as markers. Options to enable/disable function and hide specific QTs from the map.
  8. Add '/qt delete' command to allow admins to delete QTs from in-game rather than having to edit the locations.yml.


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