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QuickShop doesn't start at all!

  1. Make sure you have Vault installed and working (
  2. Make sure you have a working economy set up (Such as iConomy, EssentialsEco, Craftconomy, etc)
  3. Read the error log. If you don't understand why it's not working, create a ticket.

I can't create shops!

  1. Short version: If you use a plugin like OpenInv or VanishNoPacket - You can't create a shop while in 'silent' (/sc) mode or 'vanished' (/v).
  2. Long version: When a shop is created, I throw a chest open event. If the event is cancelled, I don't let them create a shop. Some plugins that allow you to open chests cancel this event and just open the chest silently anyway. This means I don't let them create a shop.

How do I make an Admin Shop?

  1. Make a shop normally
  2. Face the shop
  3. Type /qs unlimited to make it unlimited
  4. Do /qs setowner AdminShop (Or any other name you see fitting)
  5. Make sure you ban/stop the owner of the shop from logging in or they get profits. (Not such an issue on cracked servers)

How do I stop unlimited shop owners receiving money?

  1. Edit the config
  2. Go to shops, then pay-unlimited-shop-owners and set it to false

Help! Players can buy things without paying for them!

  1. Are you using unlimited shops? Are you the owner? Why would you have to pay for it?
  2. Do you own the shop?
  3. Is vault installed and working?
  4. Do you have a valid economy plugin?

How do I create a buy and sell shop?

  1. Place two chests next to each other
  2. Make sure you have the quickshop.create.double permission node
  3. Click on one chest with the item you want to sell, make it a shop
  4. Click on the other chest with the item you want to buy, make it a shop, do /qs buy while facing it
  5. Done. Players can sell to one chest and buy from the other chest. The chests work off the same inventory.

Is the plugin compatible with Plugin X? (LWC, Lockette, etc)

  • In short: Players can create a shop on any chest they can open, so long as they have permission to do so.
  • In full: I throw a Player right click event whenever attempting to create a shop. If the event is cancelled, then a plugin does not want the player to open the chest. This means that I don't let them create a shop. (This has been known to cause issues (The effect is actually intended, but not expected) with plugins like VanishNoPacket)

How do I change the item a shop is selling?

  1. Break the shop
  2. Make a new one

How do I stop others accessing others chests?

  1. Go to config
  2. Set "lock" to true in shops

Sneak only?

  1. See config


  • In the config, there is a tax amount and a tax-account defined.
  • The tax-amount is the decimal percentage charged each time someone does a transaction - E.g. 0.05 and the shop purchase was $500, that means 0.05 * 500 is taken away in tax
  • Tax-account - this is the user that the money from the tax is sent to. Probably want something like AdminShop (See above)

Found a bug!

Mention it in a ticket. They're easier for me to track than comments. Mention how you did it. Use gooder english.

I have a question that's not here!

Mention it in a comment on the main bukkit page. I don't get notifications if you post on this or the config page!


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