Default Config (Version 2.0)

#Tax amount (decimal).  Example: Diamond sword costs $330. Tax is set to 0.10. When the diamond sword is sold, the buyer is charged $330,
#the seller gets ($330 - 0.10 * $330) or $297, and the tax-account gets $33 (10% of $330).
tax: 0.05 # means 5% of profits go to a tax account, not 0.05% or $0.05 per transaction.  
tax-account: tax # This is the name of the tax account referred to above, and is where the 'tax' money goes to.

#Should we log transactions/creations to Bukkit\Plugins\QuickShop\qs.log? 
log-actions: true

    #Cost to make a stall... This goes to the tax account
    cost: 10
    #Should we refund players who destroy their own shop?
    refund: false
    #Should we lock players shops so only they can open them (E.g. Right click it and view its contents) ? (Not thoroughly tested)
    lock: false
    #Are players required to sneak to interact with or create a shop?
    sneak-only: false
    #Should we create signs next to the shop? (Can result in infinite signs for whatever the cost is to make a shop... above)
    auto-sign: true
    #When a shop is "unlimited" - Should we send the money from the buyer to the shop owner? Else, it just sends the money to the "void"
    #This applies to BOTH buying AND selling shops
    pay-unlimited-shop-owners: false

    #Whether or not to hook into these plugins, and stop players claiming chests as shops when they can't use the chest.
    preciousstones: true #Checks prevent-use flag
    worldguard: true #Checks player can build
    lockette: true #Checks if protected
    griefprevention: true #Checks container access
    residence: true
    towny: true #Checks town members... Doesn't check embassy/shop plots yet.

#List of items to disallow selling of.  Anyone with quickshop.bypass.<itemID> can bypass it    
    - 7 #Players cannot sell bedrock


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