Locked Chest #131

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Assigned to netherfoam
  • _ForgeUser16290268 created this issue Jul 20, 2014

    What version of QuickShop are you using?
    The newest

    What version + build of Bukkit are you using?
    Spigot Build #1475

    What is the issue?
    Anyone can create an Shop with a chest who is locked to puplic with the plugin lwc.
    Command to lock: /cpuplic

    Copy paste your config:
    All config files are original

    What did you do to cause this issue?  Can you repeat it? (If you can't repeat it, neither can I, don't bother posting a ticket about it)
    I need anyone who can fix it!

    If any relevant:
    * What version of Vault are you running?
    * What economy and economy version are you running (E.g. BOSE or iConomy 6)

  • _ForgeUser16290268 added the tags New Defect Jul 20, 2014
  • netherfoam posted a comment Jul 21, 2014

    So you're saying players are coming along and locking QuickShops which don't belong to them? I thought LWC had a policy that prevented players doing that unless they placed the chest.

    Either way, consider a workaround like a separate world for a market, or banning /cpublic in the marketplace through worldguard (/region flag [my-market-region-name] blocked-cmds cpublic)

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