(PATCH submission) Multiworld support, 1.7.2 item support #119

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Assigned to netherfoam
  • tastybento created this issue Jan 3, 2014

    What version of QuickShop are you using?
    4.4 probably. I pulled the code from GitHub.

    What version + build of Bukkit are you using?

    What is the issue?
    Quickshop doesn't support multiworld economies like that provided by Miconomy and generally supported in Vault. The issue is that if someone buys something in World 1 and the player is in World 2, they get credited with cash in Word 2 and not World 1.
    Second issue, the plugin doesn't recognize a whole lot of items from 1.7.2. Those have been added.

    What did you do to cause this issue?  Can you repeat it? (If you can't repeat it, neither can I, don't bother posting a ticket about it)
    The code just needs updating...

    If any relevant:
    * What version of Vault are you running? Latest
    * What economy and economy version are you running (E.g. BOSE or iConomy 6) Miconomy.

  • tastybento added the tags New Patch Jan 3, 2014
  • tastybento added an attachment QuickShop.patch Jan 3, 2014


    <p>Patch file from Eclipse. Should work. Code changes from GitHub fork <a href="https://github.com/tastybento/QuickShopMW" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/tastybento/QuickShopMW</a></p>

  • tastybento posted a comment Jan 3, 2014

    Also, one other point - Shop.java is missing from the github repository. I found it from another fork.

  • tastybento posted a comment Jan 3, 2014

    Another thing - I went through a removed all the deprecated function calls around using magic numbers for items. e.g., changed item number 0 to Material.AIR. I did not remove the last three though because they're linked to the config file where people may still want to put item #:damage in there.

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