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  • _ForgeUser10492690 created this issue Sep 8, 2013

    What version of QuickShop are you using?

    What version + build of Bukkit are you using?

    How i can use on QuickShop Essentials Economy or iConomy?

    Copy paste your config:

    #Tax amount (decimal) - Eg, P1 buys $50 worth of stuff from P2.  Therefore, P1 loses $50, P2 gains $(1-0.05)*50, and tax-account gains $(0.05)*50.
    tax: 0.05
    #The fake player who money from taxing people goes to
    tax-account: tax

    #Should we log transactions/creations to Bukkit\Plugins\QuickShop\qs.log?
    log-actions: true

    #Advanced.  This chooses which economy to hook into.  If it fails, it will fall back to trying vault. Spelling must be exact. Case insensitive.
    # Vault - Will hook into anything vault can hook into (Vault is required for this to work)
    # Satoshis
    # Want yours added? Contact me (Netherfoam) on dev.bukkit.org
    economy: Vault

    #For item-item based economies that don't use virtual coins.
    whole-number-prices-only: false

        mysql: false
        host: localhost
        port: 3306
        database: quickshop
        user: root
        password: passwd

    #Limits the number of shops a person can create and own at a single time.
        #Disable these if you're not using them! If this is false, the rest of this section is ignored
        use: false
        #The default number of shops players can make
        default: 10
        #Players with these permissions can create these amounts of shops.
            #Anyone with 'quickshop.vip' permissions, can create 20 shops instead of 10.
            quickshop.vip: 20 #Players with quickshop.vip can make 20 shops.

    #A list of block (materials) which can be used to create shops.
    #By default, chests are added to this list.
    #This will only work for blocks which implement InventoryHolder
    #in other words, no enderchest shops, no shops on dirt blocks, etc.
    #May cause unexpected behaviour with some blocks... Eg don't make a
    #shop on a hopper (It sucks the display item in) and furnace shops
    #allow players to put whatever item they want in all 3 slots and
    #dispenser shops aren't protected from redstone... Etc.
        - CHEST

        #Cost to make a stall
        cost: 10
        #Should we refund when their shops are deleted/removed/broken?
        refund: false

        #Is there a fee for changing prices on a shop (Help deter endless undercutting)
        price-change-requires-fee: true
        #If price changes require a fee, how much is the fee
        fee-for-price-change: 50

        #Should we try and lock their shops from other players, so people can't steal from them?
        lock: true
        #Should we require players be sneaking to create and use shops?
        sneak-only: false
        #Should we automatically create the sign for the chest?
        auto-sign: true
        #If a player owns an unlimited shop, should they receive the cash from it or not?
        #If you buy from YOUR unlimited shop, you will NEVER be charged $$, regardless of this setting
        pay-unlimited-shop-owners: false
        #Should we place display items on the chests?
        display-items: true
        #Should we place item frames on chests?
        frame-items: true
        #When someone uses /qs find <item>, how far should we search in blocks?
        #This command lets users shop quickly without wasting time searching
        #Settings > 100 WILL cause lag. Don't do it, or don't cry when your server lags.
        find-distance: 45

    #List of items to disallow selling of.  Anyone with quickshop.bypass.<itemID> can bypass it
        - 7 #Bedrock

    Copy paste your error log, if any:

    What did you do to cause this issue?  Can you repeat it? (If you can't repeat it, neither can I, don't bother posting a ticket about it)

    If any relevant:
    * What version of Vault are you running?
    * What economy and economy version are you running (E.g. BOSE or iConomy 6)

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