Able to get past the no-doublechest perm #107

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Assigned to netherfoam
  • Raum266 created this issue Jul 21, 2013

    What version of QuickShop are you using?

    What version + build of Bukkit are you using?
    Craftbukkit 2812

    What is the issue?
    Without the quickshop.create.double, you cannot place a sign on 2 chests, however if you place the sign on 1, then add a second chest to it, it still will allow a double chest.

    Copy paste your config: 100% default

    Copy paste your error log, if any: N/A

    What did you do to cause this issue?  Can you repeat it? (If you can't repeat it, neither can I, don't bother posting a ticket about it)
    See above - Place chest, make shop, add double chest

  • Raum266 added the tags New Defect Jul 21, 2013

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