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Hard depend: Vault , Any support Vault economy plugin.
Thanks Timtower, Netherfoam and KaiNoMood make legacy version in here.
If you're use old version server, try it.
Screenshot preview:
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:LOL:Enjoy it!
  • Easy to use
  • Togglable Display Item on top of chest
  • NBT Data, Enchants, Tool Damage, Potion and Mob Egg support
  • Unlimited chest support
  • Blacklist support & bypass permissions
  • Shops that buy items and sell items at the same time are possible (Using double chests)
  • OpenInv support
  • Checks a player can open a chest before letting them create a shop!
  • UUID support
  • Item Preview
  • i18n for Item, Potion and Enchantment
  • Find command support i18n item(If you set bedrock name to "Hello", you can use /qs find Hello to find shops)
  • More Bug fixes
  • Chat Control Panel
  • EnderChest Shop support(Require depend OpenInv)
  • 1.14 multi sign type support
  • How to use QSRR (English) by LilAcron here
  • EnderChest feature demo1 here
  • EnderChest feature demo2 here

Legacy Version Video:

  • Installation guide (English)(Old) by Netherfoam here
  • How to use (English) by Carbonawk here
  • How to use (Spanish) by maxmar628 here
  • How to use (English) by VariationVault here
  • How to use (English) by UltiByte here
A new video is welcome!
How to Create a Shop
  1. Place a chest on the ground
  2. Hit the chest with the item you want to trade
  3. Type in price for the item (As prompted) in chat
  4. Fill the chest with the items you wish to sell
In and after version, you can right-click the sign to use Control Panel to edit it more simply.
  1. Face the chest
  2. Type either /qs sell or /qs buy to make the shop buy/sell instead (Optional: use /shop instead of /qs)
  3. Stock the shop accordingly, if necessary.
How to Buy/Sell to a Shop
  1. Find a shop
  2. Hit / Left click the shop
  3. Enter the amount you wish to trade in chat 
How to use Staff feature for your shop:
Staff can help you manage your shop in game, they can open your chest, set price, toggle selling and buying.
But staff can't remove your shop, get money from your shop trades.
Add staff:
/qs staff add <Player>
Remove staff:
/qs staff del <Player>
Remove all staffs:
/qs staff clear
Look all staffs for shop:
/qs staff list


  • /qs unlimited - Makes the shop you're looking at become unlimited.
  • /qs setowner <player> - Changes shop owner to <player>.
  • /qs buy - Changes your shop you're looking at to one that buys items
  • /qs sell - Changes your shop you're looking at to one that sells items
  • /qs price <price> - Change the price of your shop that you're looking at
  • /qs clean - Removes any existing shop that has 0 stock.
  • /qs find <item> - Use to find the nearest shop that begins with <item> - E.g. '/qs find dia' will find the nearest diamond shop.
  • /qs fetchmessage - Fetch shop message manually from database.
  • /qs info - Show QuickShop infomation.
  • /qs debug - Switch to debug and switch back.
  • /qs paste - Upload server data to Pastebin to help developer, staff more easily fix bugs.
  • /shop - Alias (Optional) of /qs
  • /qshop - Alias (Optional) of /qs
  • /qsshop - Alias (Optional) of /qs
  • /quickshop - Alias (Optional) of /qs
Player Nodes
  • quickshop.use - Required to use ANY quickshop
  • quickshop.create.sell - Required to make a QuickShop (At all)
  • quickshop.create.buy - Required to use /qs buy (Change the shop type from Sell -> Buy)
  • quickshop.create.changeprice - Allow players change their self shop's price
  • quickshop.create.double - Required to make doublechest shops.
  • quickshop.find - Required to use /qs find <item>
  • quickshop.fetchmessage - Required to use /qs fetchmessage
Admin Nodes
  • quickshop.unlimited - Required to use /quickshop unlimited
  • quickshop.setowner - Allows use of /qs setowner
  • quickshop.other.destroy - Allow breaking other peoples QuickShops if they're locked by this plugin
  • quickshop.other.open - Allow opening (And stealing/Stocking) other players QuickShops
  • quickshop.other.price - Allow changing price of other people's shops
  • quickshop.refill - Ability to refill chests using a command (=Unlimited items)
  • quickshop.empty - Ability to empty chests of all items
  • quickshop.clean - Permission to purge any shops that have 0 stock.
  • quickshop.bypass.ItemID - Required to sell blacklisted items (E.g. bedrock)
  • quickshop.alerts - Recive cheat alert, plugin warnings and update notify.
  • quickshop.info - Required to use /qs info
  • quickshop.debug - Required to use /qs debug
  • quickshop.paste - Required to use /qs paste
Known Incompatible Plugin:
  • BungeeCord chat plugin (Except MutilChat)
Translate to your language:
If you decide start to translate, please join discord server, let us can contact with you, thanks!
After 1.3.7, QuickShop will detect your computer system language to choose view-language, you can modify config.yml language section to switch language.
You must delete messages.yml to effect changes.
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