QuickMarket is a Plugin which makes your job as a Server Owner and the job of your Players super-easy when it comes to Shopping and safe Trades.
QuickMarket features a Player and Admin Shop System packed with a lots of Features and an Ingame Shop Editor to allow you and yourself to adjust their Shop as smooth as possible while still providing a lot of safety for the End-User of the Shop.

Also, this Plugin was partially based on my other Plugin QuickSell if you are looking for an Adminshop rather than an entire Shop System, make sure to check it out.


Development Builds


Here you can find the most recent Versions of QuickMarket:




Keep in mind that these builds are not thoroughly tested and haven't been approved by the BukkitDev Team. Use them at your own risk!






  1. CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.13+
  2. Vault
  3. An Economy Plugin


  1. PrisonUtils


Here are the permissions. There aren't any commands, because this plugin is mostly GUI based for a better experience.

  Permission   Description  
  QuickMarket.shop.infinite   Allows you to create infinite (Admin) shops.  
  QuickMarket.shop.bypass   Allows you to modify others shops.  



  • Ingame Shop Editor making it super-easy to create/edit a Shop
  • An interesting Buy-Menu (disabled by default) which allows your Player to choose the exact amount he wants to buy from a Shop
  • Edit shops without breaking signs
  • SELL ALL - Player Shops
  • Shop Usage statistic as well as an estimated Income/Outgoings Value based on the Usage Statistic
  • Schedule (disable the shop at certain times when you don't want anyone to interact with it)
  • Admin shops (If you have the appropriate Permission you can set your Shop into ADMIN Mode which will not only make the Stock or Inventory Space Infinite but it will also no longer withdraw or deposit Money from/to you
  • PrisonUtils Backpack Integration (More Info further down on the Page)
  • ClearLag compatibility
  • Display Item above Shop also showing a Nametag with the Name of the Item
  • Supports custom Items (Name, Lore, Metadata, etc...) Items from other Plugins like Slimefun work as well!
  • Unique Marketstands (Rentable Shops)


There isn't much Configuration that needs to be done as it is (as mentioned 4 times by now) mostly GUI-based

  auto-update: true ## Whether the Plugin should auto-update
  item-refresh-delay: 150 ## The Delay (in Ticks, 20 = 1 Second) 
  item-nametags: true ## Whether the Item above a Shop
  chunk-notifications: false ## Whether the Plugin will print out Debug Messages when Shops get unloaded
  prefix: '&8[&6Shop&8]' ## The Prefix on Shop Signs
  prefix-infinite: '&8[&4AdminShop&8]' ## The Prefix on Shop Signs if the Shop is Infinite
  buy-menu: false ## Whether the Buy Menu is enabled (More Info later on)
  max-price: 1000000000000.0 ## The MAXIMAL Price you can set
  enabled: false ## Whether Marketstands are enabled
  prefix: '&8[&aMarket&8]' ## The Prefix on Market Signs
  prefix-infinite: '&8[&4AdminShop&8]' ## The Prefix on Market Signs if the Shop is infinite
  buy-menu: true ## Whether the Buy Menu is enabled (More Info later on)
  prefix-available: '&8[&aMarket&8]' ## The Prefix on Marketstands which are available for rent
  prefix-unavailable: '&8[&4Market&8]'## The Prefix on Marketstands which are rented
  max-days: 7 ## The MAXIMAL amount of days which you can rent a Marketstand for

Signs, Shop Editor, and Buy-Menu

This plugin is mostly GUI based.


To create a shop:

  1. [shop]
  2. <Quantity>
  3. <Price>
  4. <buy/sell/sellall> Here is an example:

    After adding your sign, you will need to right click it to open up the Shopmenu to edit the shop. After you've done that, here is what your shop should look like:

    Note that ALL these these things can be changed in the In Game Shop editor!
    So you don't have to worry about accidentally entering a different Price as you can change it later on

Ingame Shop Editor

The Shop Editor is where you can edit all aspects of your shop. These include the item, the type (buy/sell/sellall), time when the shop is open and not, if the shop is open currently, and a lot more! The item in the top left is the item you are selling/buying. Click it to change it to the item in your hand.
To prevent glitches, when you're editing the shop through the Shopmenu, the shop is locked, and nobody can interact with it!
Here are some pictures of the Shopmenu:


The Buy-Menu is a useful feature that can be enabled in the config. With this, you can decide how many items you buy from the shop. Here is a picture:


If you have the Permission "QuickMarket.market.admin" you are able to create Marketstands. Marketstands are rentable Shop Collections which can be used by your Players.
To create a Marketstand, simply place a Sign somewhere and write this onto the Sign:

  1. [Marketstand]
  2. <Price per day>
    Then you can create as many Market-Shops as you want by placing a Sign with the Prefix [Market] onto any Chest/Trapped Chest:
  3. [Market]
    After you have done that, simply link your Shop by right clicking your Marketstand Sign.
    Now Players can rent this Marketstand.

    You can find a detailed Showcase of this Feature in Koz' Spotlight:

Thinking with Backpacks (PrisonUtils)

If you are using my plugin PrisonUtils, QuickMarket will automatically hook into PrisonUtils's backpack system. When it is hooked, you can do some incredibly cool stuff with it (Yea, Im proud of this Part)

  1. When using Sell or Sell All Shops it also sells the Items from your Backpacks just like it does with QuickSell's SELL ALL Signs
  2. You can put backpacks in Sell/Buy/Sell All chests to have extra inventory. When Players are buying from your Shop, you can put a backpack full of stuff in the chest to have extra stock! When Players are selling to your Shop, you can put a backpack into your Chest to have extra space to store stuff!


Auto-Updater and Metrics

All my Plugins are using an Auto-Updater to make sure, you're always
using the latest and hopefully most bug free version of my Plugin.
If you don't want this Plugin to be auto-updated, you can turn it off
in the config file at "options -> auto-update: true/false"

They also use a Metrics-System which collects the following Information:

A unique identifier
The server's version of Java
Whether the server is in offline or online mode
The plugin's version
The server's version
The OS version/name and architecture
The core count for the CPU
The number of players online
The Metrics version
Opting out of this service can be done by editing
plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true. 

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