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Item Formatting

There is a new system in place for item formatting in the quests.yml.
As usual the in-game Quest editor will handle all of the formatting for you, but if you are inclined to make Quests yourself, here is how the new formatting is handled:

NOTE: The new system will cause your old item-related things in your quests.yml to stop working! You must update the item formatting with the new version. Read below.

Old way

    - 276
    - 1

New way

    - id-276:amount-1:enchantment-Sharpness 3:enchantment-Looting 2:name-Eviscerator:lore-It is said that this sword is:lore-so sharp that it can cut through:lore-obsidian.

As you can see, this all looks very confusing. It's fairly simple, really.
All items must start with id-<number>, followed by a colon and then amount-<number>. Amounts should not exceed 64. You are allowed to give multiple stacks of the same item to the player, however. Also the hyphens are important so don't forget them.
After that, you can put any of the following pieces of information, in any order:

  • enchantment-<enchantment name> <number> - Replace <enchantment name> with any of the enchantment names found in the Enchantment Names section of the Reference page. After the enchantment name put a space, followed by the enchantment level desired.
  • data-<number> - Replace <data> with a 'damage' amount that you would like the item to have. Example: Data value 1 on Coal will give Charcoal.
  • name-<text> - Replace <name> with the desired custom name for the item.
  • lore-<text> - Replace <text> with the desired text for the item lore.

    Make sure you do not have any trailing :'s (colons) in each item entry, or it will fail to be read.
    LORE NOTE: In order to have multiple lines in the item lore, you must enter multiple lore- entries. The first occurrence will be the first line, the second occurrence the second line and so forth. In the example above, it has 3 lines, the last being "obsidian."