What language file should we load? (It will add .yml to the end. The default is 'en' so it will look for en.yml)

allow-command-questing: true/false
Should players be allowed to take any Quest via command? (e.g. /quests take SomeQuest)

allow-command-quests-with-npcs: true/false
Should players be allowed to take NPC Quests via command?

show-requirements: true/false
If a player looks up information on a Quest, should the requirements be displayed?

allow-quitting: true/false
Should players be allowed to quit a Quest after they've taken it?

show-npc-effects: true/false
Should we play a visual effect near NPC's that have an available Quest for a player?

npc-effect: <effect>
Which visual effect should we play? (See list below)

debug-mode: true/false
Should we print out debugging information if an error occurs while loading?

generate-files-on-join: true/false
Should Quests files be generated when players first join the server, or only when they first do Quest-related things?

kill-delay: (number)
How long (in seconds) should a player have to wait after they kill a player, before they can kill that player again (for a Quest objective)?

accept-timeout: (number)
How long (in seconds) should a player have to accept/deny a Quest before the prompt automatically cancels?

snoop: true/false
Should we send Quests information to the main Quests database? (Please leave this set to true, it is greatly appreciated)

- List
- Of
- Names
If you are having problems with particular usernames (generally client mods and such), enter the usernames here and Quests will ignore them.

NPC Effects

Experiment each of these effects with the npc-effect configuration option!

  • enchant - Enchantment Table 'glyphs' effect
  • crit - Player critical hit effect
  • spell - Generic spell effect
  • magiccrit - Generic spell critical hit effect
  • mobspell - Mob spell effect
  • note - Jukebox music note effect
  • portal - Nether portal effect
  • dust - Dust puff effect
  • witch - Witch ambient effect
  • snowball - Snowball break effect
  • splash - Potion splash effect
  • smoke - Fire smoke effect