Page is updated to match version 0.5.5. Rewards no longer exist in 0.6.1, as they were all changed to events.

This page describes what each quest reward does and how to use it.

Adding reward

General command to add reward is /q reward add <reward type> <additional arguments>, where additional arguments differ with each reward type and are described below on this page. Rewards are given to player once his quest is completed.

Reward types


Command: /q reward add item <item_id/name>[:data] [amount] {[enchants]}
Gives a player specified items. Items are not given when player doesn't have enough space in the inventory. Default data is 0. Default amount is 1.


Command: /q reward add money <amount>
Rewards player with specified amount of money. Amount can be negative.


Command: /q reward add exp <amount>
Rewards player with specified amount of experience. Amount can be negative.


Command: /q reward add effect <effect_id/name> <duration_secs> <power>
Applies specified potion effect to player. If same effect is already present, overrides it with own duration and power.


Command: /q reward add point <amount>
Rewards player with specified amount of quest points.

Removing objective

To remove reward, type /q reward remove <ID>, where <ID> is ID of reward you want to remove.