NPCs and Signs

Page is updated to match version 0.6.2.

This page describes how to use NPCs and signs with quester.

How it works

NPCs and Signs only serve to access contents of chosen QuestHolder. Only one QuestHolder can be assigned to each NPC/Sign. Read more about QuestHolders here.



Just create regular NPC using Citizens 2. Then give "quester" trait to it.
Command: /trait quester


Place a sign with the "[Quester]" on the first line. Other lines ca nave anything on them. If it succeeds, first line should turn blue.


This part is same for every entity capable of having QuestHolder assigned. Just select desired QuestHolder and assign it by right-clicking NPC/Sign with blaze rod. This action requires OP or permissions quester.modify and quester.use.npc. One it has QuestHolder assigned, it can be interacted with. Right-clicking again will rewrite current holder assigned. Left-clicking with blaze rod will unassign holder from that NPC/Sign.


Left click on NPC/Sign with QuestHolder properly assigned will cycle through available quests on that NPC/Sign. Right-clicking will then try to start selected quest. When player already has quest started and NPC/Sign has that quest on it, right-click will try to complete that quest. If it cannot be completed, progress will be displayed instead. Holding shift while right-clicking holder will try to assign new selected quest, instead of trying to finish current one.


Removing NPC/Sign will not remove assigned QuestHolders, it will remove connection between NPC/Sign and QuestHolder.