Local file

Page is updated to match version 0.5.5

Default local.yml can be found here.

There are few variables that can be used in local.yml. Each variable can be used only where it is in default file. (there is no reason to use it elsewhere)
Variable list:

  • %n - new line, can be used everywhere
  • %interval - used in message associated with save interval
  • %q - represents quest name associated with message
  • %p - represents playername associated with message
  • %cmd - quester command defined in config, used mostly in USAGE messages
  • %id - ID of associated element
  • %id1, %id2 - represent objective IDs in swap message
  • %type - type of associated element (%type objective = Money objective.)
  • %this - represents argument for world 'this' set in config
  • %here - represents argument for location 'here' set in config