This page contains some common problems and frequently asked questions. I will keep adding stuff here.

Q: Objective/Event does not work, can you fix it ?
A: Maybe. I need to know what version you are using, because it may have been fixed already. I need to know command used to create it, and I need you to tell me HOW it does not work and to be as specific as possible: is it working, but incorrectly ? nothing happens when you try to add it ? nothing happens when something should ?

Q: When I click NPC with quester trait, nothing happens. What do ?
A: It may sometimes happen with multiworld plugins and/or protection plugins. Left clicking NPC is trying to hit them and right clicking is interaction, so some plugins may block it before it even gets to citizens and quester. Try it on test server only with required plugins for quester/citizens to run, and if it doesn't work, then inform me about this problem.

Q: Permissions don't work for me, I have "quester.*" or "*". What do ?
A: If you are using GroupManager or bpermissions, you might have to use full permission names without '*'. No other permission plugin doing this was reported so far.

Q: Why is command "/q" not working for me ?
A: You probably use other plugin that conflicts with the command. All command conflicts known to me are to be seen at the bottom of this page.

Q: Why is <insert condition name here> not working ?
A: Most probably because you are OP or you have quester.admin perm. It that case, you bypass all conditions. It is possible to check if conditions are met by using "/q show questname". Conditions that are met are green.

Q: Will quester work across minecraft/CraftBukkit updates ?
A: Yes, it most probably will. It is not using any parts of craftbukkit that tend to change, so you can expect older versions of quester to work with newer minecraft/craftbukkit versions.

Q: Writing quests in yml and restarting server does not work. Is it possible ?
A: Yes. You need to shut server down, make desired changes and start it back up. Reason for this is that quester saves quests on server shutdown, overwriting any changes made while server is running.