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Test 0.7 alpha - Want to speed up Quester development a bit ? Help by testing newest alpha and report bugs.


  • Localization support
  • Everything changeable directly in game (no reloads) or in quest config
  • Citizens 2 support
  • Sign support
  • Colors and newlines support
  • Many various objectives and conditions
  • Multiple objectives support (supports advanced ordering)
  • Variable delayed events on different occasions (start, cancel, done, objective)
  • Flags for special quest behavior
  • Multiworld support, per-world quest restrictions
  • Realtime quest progress with custimizable objective and condition messages
  • Per-command permissions
  • Economy support
  • Quest points, Custom ranks
  • Location triggered quest start
  • Player stats
  • Forked quests, quest chains
  • EpicBoss support


Read every single page before asking questions.

  • written guides
  • video tutorial by LastWishSpain (v0.6/0.7)
  • outdated documentation


  • quester.use.* - allows use level commands
    • quester.use.npc - allows npc interaction
    • quester.use.sign - allows sign interaction
    • - allows /q help
    • quester.use.list - allows /q list
    • - allows /q info/show
    • quester.use.profile - allows /q profile
    • quester.use.start.pick - allows /q start
    • quester.use.start.random - allows /q start [name]
    • quester.use.done - allows /q done
    • quester.use.cancel - allows /q cancel
    • quester.use.progress - allows /q progress
    • quester.use.quests - allows /q quests
    • quester.use.switch - allows /q switch
  • quester.modify - allows modification of quests
  • quester.admin - allows admin level commands (saving/reloading)
    Having quester.admin or being OP will cause you to ignore all conditions.

You need to have all these permissions or quester.* to have full access. OP's have all permissions by default.
If you are using GroupManager or bpermissions, you should use only specific permissions, not the ones with "*" in them.


Default config with description can be found here.

How to install - READ THIS

  • download Quester.jar
  • place Quester.jar into your plugins folder
  • start server, stop server
  • modify generated config.yml and local.yml to your liking
  • enjoy


All are only optional:

  • Vault + any supported economy plugin - economy
  • permission plugin suporting superperms - permissions
  • Citizens 2 - NPC interaction
  • EpicBoss - BOSS objective functionality

Known issues & TODO

done/fixed in the latest dev build - being worked on

If you found a bug or any issue with this plugin, open a ticket instead of posting a comment.

Known issues:
  • quest names can't contain dots/periods
TODO LIST (unordered and likely to change often)
  • triggers
  • reputation
  • multiple event occasions
  • denizen support (once denizen 0.8 is out)
  • profile modification commands
  • more admin commands
  • various quest element additions and modifications
  • way of reloading quests
  • quest timers
  • general location condition for all objectives
  • questing groups
  • heroes, mcmmo, factions, towny support
  • database support
  • suggest anything you would like to see in this plugin (preferably as ticket)