Page is updated to match version 0.6.3.

Command: /q, /quest, /quester
Bracket meanings:

Following arguments can be replaced with their shorter form:

  • set = s
  • add = a
  • create = c
  • remove = r
  • objective = obj
  • event = evt
  • condition = con
  • select = sel
  • flag = f
  • location = loc
USE COMMANDS - 'quester.use.*' perm
  • /q help - displays help
  • /q show <name> - displays quest information
  • /q info <name> - same as /quest show
  • /q list - displays ACTIVE quests
  • /q profile - displays profile
  • /q start [name] - start a quest (random if name omitted)
  • /q done - completes current quest
  • /q quests - displays accepted quests (commands below use ID from this command)
  • /q progress [ID] - displays current quest progress or other accepted
  • /q cancel [ID] - drops current quest or other accepted
  • /q switch <ID> - makes accepted quest current
MODIFY COMMANDS - 'quester.modify' perm
  • /q list - displays ALL quests
  • /q create <name> - creates a new quest
  • /q remove [ID]* - removes a quest
  • /q select [ID]* - selects a quest
  • /q info [ID]* - detailed info about the quest (other than /quest show)
  • /q toggle [ID]* - toggles quest state ACTIVE/INACTIVE
  • /q holder list* - displays all quest holders
  • /q holder info [ID]* - displays info. about selected holder or holder with specified ID
  • /q holder select <ID>* - selects a holder
  • /q holder create <name>* - creates a holder with specified name
  • /q holder delete <ID>* - deletes specified holder

* - picks selected quest if name is omitted
Important ! - quests are required to be inactive to be modified, deactivating quest will cancel it for all players that have it assigned.

Following commands apply ONLY TO SELECTED HOLDER
  • /q holder add <quest ID> - adds quest to holder
  • /q holder remove <quest ID> - removes quest from holder
  • /q holder move <FROM> <TO> - moves quest inside holder (FROM and TO are POSITIONS, NOT IDs)
Following commands apply ONLY TO SELECTED QUEST
  • /q name <new_name> - sets new quest name
  • /q desc set|add [description] - sets or adds to quest description, set empty to remove (\n - new line)
  • /q world add <world> - adds world to the quest world list
  • /q world remove <world> - removes world from the quest world list
  • /q flag add <flag>... - adds flags to the quest (see Flags)
  • /q flag remove <flag>... - removes flags from the quest
  • /q location set {<location>} [range] - sets location of the quest
  • /q location remove - removes location of the quest
  • /q objective add - displays additional info about the command (see Objectives)
  • /q objective remove <ID_in_info> - removes given objective
  • /q objective swap <ID_1> <ID_2> - swaps specified objectives
  • /q objective move <FROM> <TO> - moves specified objective to new position
  • /q objective desc add <ID> <desc> - adds to objective description
  • /q objective desc remove <ID> - removes objective description
  • /q objective prereq add <ID> {<prereqisites>} - adds prerequisite(s) to objective
  • /q objective prereq remove <ID> {<prereqisites>} - removes prerequisite(s) from objective
  • /q condition add - displays additional info about the command (see Conditions)
  • /q condition remove <ID_in_info> - removes given condition
  • /q condition desc add <ID> <desc> - adds to condition description
  • /q condition desc remove <ID> - removes condition description
  • /q event add - displays additional info about the command (see Events)
  • /q event remove <ID> - removes given event

Objective types: break, place, item, exp, loc, death, world, mobkill, kill, craft, ench, smelt, shear, fish, milk, collect, tame, money, action, npc, dye, boss, npckill
Event types: msg, explosion, block, tele, lightning, cmd, quest, cancel, toggle, objcom, spawn, item, money, exp, effect, point
Condition types: quest, questnot, perm, money, item, point
Flags: uncancellable, onlyfirst, hidden, hiddenobjs, nodesc, deathcancel

ADMIN COMMANDS - 'quester.admin' perm
  • /q profile <name> - displays player's profile
  • /q quests <name> - displays player's accepted quests
  • /q startsave - starts scheduled saving
  • /q stopsave - stops scheduled saving
  • /q save - saves data (quests, player progress)
  • /q reload - reload config and local file


  • Citizens 1 Quester NPC - /quest, /quester
  • Questioner - /q