0.7 is almost here. Many changes have been done, so I need to test it thorougly. It can't be put on production server just yet, because I expect it to be full of various unexpected errors. I usually test myself, but in order to speed up the development, I ask you to help me with it.

What changed ? A lot of under the hood stuff has changed, so it won't be that noticeable for you.
Major changes:

  • added API (sort of) to add custom quest elements and commands
  • completely changed how commands work
    • arguments consisting of multiple words have to be quoted now "like this" or 'like this', this includes everything (quest names, descriptions, etc...)
    • command flags (not to be mistaken with quest flags) were added, they start with - (dash) and always have single-letter names (like -d or -p), they are used to define true/false statements required by some commands, multiple flags can be gruoped together after a single dash (-dpks), they are used in commands like the one for explosion event where flag -d is used to determine if explosion should deal damage
  • reworked serialization system to make it easier for those who use API to add new elements and to make it simpler to add database support in the future (again :P)
  • per-player language setting (not 100% yet)
  • and many other structure changes

What needs to be tested ? Pretty much everything, however, elements (conditions, objectives, events) are major thing to test.

  • does every element do what it should ?
  • does every element save and load properly ? (this includes default values, handling incorrect values, etc..)
  • does every command work as it should ? (/q help will help)

You will also have to manually save everything with /q save. Message will say that profiles were saved, but it should also save quests.

quests.yml format

Commits are only changelog at the moment.

Post errors as comments below. Preferably more errors at once nicely formatted on pastebin or similar site. Thank you.


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