There is currently an open beta running. If you are interested in QuarterBukkit, please use the API and report any bugs you find!

Thank you!
- QuarterCode

Info for server operators

There's only one important thing for you: If you are a server operator, don't use the download! It's only for plugin developers, QuarterBukkit will install itself automatically on your server!


Yes, QuarterBukkit has a configuration file! The config.yml is located in the plugin folder. Content:

autoupdateBoolean (true or false): Should QuarterBukkit update itself automatically?

Basic Description

QuarterBukkit is a modern modular API extension for Bukkit. It helps finding and avoiding bugs and errors in your code, like accidentally accessing the Bukkit API in a different thread. Moreover, it provides a lot of APIs, in particular the FX ones, which internally take care of the dangerous job of accessing the CraftBukkit code, with you not even noticing that you've left the realm of pure Bukkit. Aside from those low-level wrappers, QuarterBukkit also comes with many other APIs, partly simple utility classes, partly complex and very powerful systems like the ObjectSystem API. Long story short, QuarterBukkit makes a lot of things easier and speeds up your development process by a fair bit.

There's no additional work for server operators because QuarterBukkit downloads itself from the BukkitDev, always check for updates, and even downloads new versions if they are available.

QuarterBukkit features:

  • No additional work for server operators with self-install and self-update functionality.
  • New intuitive mistake-catching.
  • Thread control.
  • Many helping classes for scheduling, config, permissions, commands, effects & more.
  • Easy integration for developers.
  • OpenSource: Repository on GitHub.

Wiki Pages

How to use QuarterBukkit in your plugin

API Overview

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