QualityArmory v1.1.48


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    Feb 16, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


Added better checks for damage
Fixed explosion Radius
Added item drops for explosions
Fixed "closeEnough" distance checks

Added SVD Dragunov
Added explosion drops
Added dust to blocks
Added check to make sure users can't spam-fire bullets.

Added support for stairs.

Bugfix: Fixed NPEs

Fixed explosion radius
Fixed valid ammo types
Fix ammo desc
Added Zoom-scope to all guns that is a SNIPER weapontype
Fixed inventory size to match amount of items
Fixed bullets moving forever after going through stairs
Added customizable grenade damage in config

Added correct returns for /give
Fixed ammo bug for /give
Fixed gun lore for shops
Fixed ingreedient requirement

Fixed console error

Added shop when using /QA shop
Added prices to guns
Added optional explosion block-damage.
Added /qa listItemIds

Fixed NPE if gun was not registered

Replaced the sub-Commands giveAmmo and giveGun to include all items under the new subcommand "give"
Added system to now include new ammo types.
Added ability to add new ammo to the game
Added ability to change a gun's ammo type to the custom ammo

Fixed problem where good hoes turn into guns.

Added github updaters
Fixed NPE if gun does not have displayname.
Fixed HeadshotUtil
Added ping if player got headshot. Should make it easier to detect if double damage occured.

Fixed ammo for RPGS
Re-Added hotbar messages.

Fixed error regarding ammo

Swapped system to support no visible item amounts by default. Should fix a lot of problems in the future.
Fixed problems relating to no-visible item amounts system.

Removed hotbar messages until I can fix the hoybar error

Added hotbar messages for bullet count.

Added FNFal

Added customizable particle effects

Fixed the config. Added more commetns

Added Grenades
Added UMP
Added PKP
Added BulletTrailSpacing to configure the space between particles

Fixed ammo craft-no-name bug
Fixed no-open-door-with-ammo bug
Added feature to prevent hoppers from creating duplicate guns

Added fix for displaynames not showing for custom guns
Added fix for dropping items creates more ammo bug.
Added Fix for Data-specific materials for ingredients: if the data for ingredient is 0, accept all data types.
Added ability to open doors and trapdoors, and activate buttons and levers even if the player is holding a gun

Added ability to add non-guns to crafting bench
Added more accurate gun sounds for firing and reloading
Added ability to create custom non-gun weapons
Added ability to change displaynames and lore.
Updated resoucepacks
Removed message if user is running a 1.8 server. Although the clients may crash, if the user is only on 1.8 for paperspigot, the rest of the plugin should still work on the most part.

Added helpful-hints for how to use guns.
Shift-RightClick can now active automatic firing.
Added ability to add automatic weapons through custom guns. Add the "isAutomatic: true" line to the gun file to make it automatic.
Fixed bug where rightclicking when shifting snaps gun back to main hand

consoles can now issue commands

Fixed giveammo issue
Fixed shotgun spread.

Fixed itemfact issue.

Added support for pre1.11 servers by removing localisednames.
Add3d messages.yml
Added last argument for giveGun/Ammo. Now you can give it to other players.

Added F to reload
Fixed RPGs

Added ability to remove visible bullet counts
Fixed resoucepack issue (Hopefully)
Updated API
Fixed ammo counts

Fixed item duplication.
Added /qa override in case the resoucepacks are not working
Fixed shotgun reloading.
Fixed item durability.
Reduced lag caused from bullets.

Added more to QualityArmory api class.
Added bStats
Fixed problem where rightclick was disabled

Fixed rightclick ammo error:
Added matertial variable to new items: Now you can modify the material for each gun.
Added failsafes in case a custom gun cannot be loaded.
Added material id systems to support guns with different materials.
A lot of code cleanup.

Fixed aiming
Added the ability to create custom gun!
Added example of custom gun.
Fixed aiming util.

Added semi- 1.8 and 1.9 support.
Fixed particles for older updates.
Fixed offhand item removal.
Added weapon UUIDs. This should remove the remainder or item duplication bugs.

Ironsights will now be always enabled.
IronSights have been changed to onShift by default. To use the old rightclick system, change the IronSightsOnRightCLick value in the config,
Fixed duplication glitch, hopefully for the last time. (Minecraft, it really would be useful if you always send packets!)
Added ability to disable particles for bullets

Fixed issue with duplicating items when single-placed.
Fixed issue with ammotypes breaking the plugin.

-Massive Update
Added ironsights to most guns. By default, you can right click any semi-automatic weapon to view ironsights. This can be disabled in the config.
Added custom material type support.
Fixed problems where guns could be duplicated though dropping, shiftclicking, right clicking, dragging, dieing, swapping items, or off-hand-toggling when reloading.
Fixed issue with duplicating ammo. Some ammo, however, may disappear if you trry to merge two large stacks. This does not have anything to do with the plugin, but the way bukkit/spigot handles 'merging' tools.
Fixed textures and models for the Enfield, Henry Rifle, and MouserC96.
Recreated the M40 rifle. With the addition of ironsights, the model of the scope needed to change, as the old model only had a flat texture for the lense.
Removed the ability to swap guns to the offhand (due to duplication glitches posted above).
Changed the reload key to Q [Drop] if ironsights are enabled.
Automatic fire has been added for weapons that do not have iron sights. Must have iron sights enabled to enable this feature. Currently, this is just the MP5K and the AK47.
Added sounds to bullet fire. Now you should be able to hear where the bullet went instead of having to look at the particle trail.
Added checks so you can't shoot the entity you are riding.
*Added semi-support for NewItems. In the resoucepack, have added a gold_hoe_EXAMPLE.jspon file. This will add all the textures to the golden hoe, so you can merge the two resoucepacks without conflicts.
Implemented a system to disable reloading if a user dies.
Implemented system to 'break' reloading guns if they are glitched. Even if a new update will change something so guns can be duplicated, the guns should no longer work.
Fixed gun lists for commands. They now support guns with spaces in their names.
Reduced gun class sizes.
*Added framework for new gun additions. New gun or more gun customization to come in the next update.

Added Henry Rifle
Added Mouser-C96
Added Enfield-1853
Fixed shotgun reloading

Actually Fixed issue with WG.
Fixed issue with resoucepacks
Added crafting sounds
Fixed ammo crafting glitch
Added fix for sounds: The console wont print out an error if you're on 1.8 or lower

Made mistake with WG. Fixed in this update.

Added worldguard support

Added warnings if users are on 1.7 or 1.8.
Disables textures if the users are on 1.7 or 1.8
Added sending resoucepack on item given to users. Only sends resoucepack to users onJoin if they have a gun in their inventory. Reduces the amount of users who may recieve an annoying message on joining (expecially if they don't even have access to those guns.)
Custom resoucepack support.

Added crafting
Added /qa craft
Fixed unlimitedAmmo system.
Added pickup glitch
Added ability to combine ammo

Quick fix to remove resoucepack message on join.
Added help message if the user sent an invalid command.

Added Ammo
Fixed bullet path detection
Fixed headshot detection
Fixed texturepack, removed damage bar from items
Added QualityArmory class so other plugins can access ItemStacks
Added ability to toggle whether leaves, doors, water, or halfslabs block bullets
Added slab detection. No longer will half slabs block bullets if the bullet is above the bounding box.
[OPTIONAL]Added gun degradation.
Added customizable durability for specific guns
[OPTIONAL]Added ability to toggle if guns have unlimited ammo
Added ability to log the shooter when entity is damaged

Added RPG
Added M40
Added Rockets
Fixed Texture link
Fixed resoucepack to accept users that are already online, remove players when they quit, and send the request two seconds ever joining the server

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