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This is a long awaited add-on for QuickSell! This plugin adds permission-based boosters (multipliers) for QuickSell!


Permissions are simple if you get to know them. They work like this:
Now the value has to be a double (number with a decimal value).
permboosters.1.4; permboosters.4.8; permboosters.6.0; etc.
You can do this all the way up to 2048.0. But you cannot do anything lower than 1.1, because 1.0 is the regular amount.

Bypass OPs

Starting in version 2.2, you can enable a feature in the QuickSell config (under PermissionBoosters > no-ops) to block OPs and players with the '*' permission from having any boosters from this plugin. This does mean that even if you give them a permission for a PermissionBooster, they still will not get it.
Don't use that^^

Starting in version 2.4, all of PermissionBoosters' permissions are set to false. This meaning that you can give out the '*' permission, and OP, while not having PermissionBoosters. But this time, you can still give a booster to those players, and they will have the booster.

Custom Booster Sell Message

With this plugin you can customize the extra message that is shown when you sell with a booster. You can customize this in QuickSell's messages.yml, under the PermissionBoosters section.

How to install

  1. Download & Install QuickSell
  2. Download the plugin
  3. Drag & drop it into your plugins folder
  4. Restart your server
  5. Enjoy Permission-Based boosters!


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